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« on: August 02, 2013, 06:15:58 PM »
and happy celebrations to you my friend

« on: August 02, 2013, 06:44:12 AM »
using tajweed just makes it sound good. however, changing the "harakat", sorry i dont know how to translate it into english, changes its meaning.

I love loonwatch, especially danios

« on: July 30, 2013, 04:52:31 PM »
i think that, to be fair, i have to present to you both view points so ill give you sites that support music, to give an idea what the opposite side says.

here are some that say music is halal
(this is from al azhar)

here are some that say music is haram:
this one basically somes up all the arguements so i need not add more, it you want though, there are plenty on google and i can give you some if you request it.

btw, i suggest you dont read the websites belonging to muhammad al munajid, such as islam qa, he is, in some ways a fine scholar, but there is a fine line between conservative and extremist, he sometimes says that we should live in peace with our non muslim neighbors, but then encourages the killing and percecution of the druze.

remember, this is YOUR belief, dont do it because some guys says it, and dont do because of peer pressure, do it for yourself. your religion, and God. also this is not like polytheism.
i wish you the best of luck, peace

« on: July 12, 2013, 03:18:37 PM »
Allah is actually the arabian way of calling the monotheistic God (captial G), Arab jews and arab christians also call there monotheistic God allah. Allah is not a name, just a way of saying the "the one and only God" in arabic.
If im speaking spanish i would say El Dios, if i was speaking persian i would say khuda, in turkish, my turkish friends sometimes say TanrI, when they are refering to god (smal g), but when they are referring to God (captial G) they say allah. so when speaking turkish, i cannot say since im not a turkish, but i think its allah.
In spanish and English there are captial letters, when we are taking about the one and only God, i think we should use God capital g. but when speaking we should use God.

As for music, it is not haram, although that is one view, you pick on which is right, some of my reasons are based on this article, and alkso this one, although the former more than the latter.  Mostly because most of the hadiths that prohibit music are weak.

You father is right anbout the pictures, there is a hadith in islam, "In al a3mal bin anniyat", which roughly translates to, your action is justified by your intentions/will.

read this for more clarification.

do your own research and read the links i gave you, they are useful.
I wish you luck kardesim (hope i spelt that right)

I can vouch for the article, and the entire site, its really informative.

you should see danios's understanding jihad series, very informative.
also see

Im actually applying to some schools there, ive been there before and i felt very safe, the people are generally friendly, aand as long as you dont threaten to kill people you will not be harmed. Although this is because the maximum amount of time i stayed in America was 2 mounths, never more than that. I generally perfer countries like singapore more, but ive actually lived there and i never tlived there in america. Nevertheless, please apply to america, they have a great educational system that focuses on your character and persoanlity traits like creativity, and unlike oher schhools, they consider those parts equally important as your academic achivements.
Good luck


remember, konly the quran in 100% authentic, other sources like the hadith and sirah can be reliable if they fill the criteria of having a complete chain of transmitters, authentic narrators, uncut chain, etc. otherwisethey cannot be trusted.

« on: June 22, 2013, 04:48:15 AM »
My friends and I got in a HUGE fight because of this topic, I want all of you guys to remember not let this get between you guys, first we are all muslims none the less. 2nd because this is not as big an issue like Salah.

Another note by me, something that is not mentioned in the articles:

Abu Dawud, Imam Ahmad, Salih ibn Muhammad as-Asadi, Ahmed bin Hanbal, Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Sayyar, Al-Mundiri, and Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, consider Hisham bin Ammar weak.

remember these are only the more famous names

if you want to find out who hisham bin ammar the articles.

You can celebrate culture and still be muslim.
You can wear a chinese dress, pre islamically and still be muslim, you can wear your pre islamic dress and still be muslim, you can eat your pre islamic food dishes (AS long as its not pork, alchohol, etc.). people think that once you convert to islam or if you are muslim, you have to take up arab, turkish and/or persian cultur, thats false. "muslim" culture is actually world culture expressed in an apropriate islamic way because because muslims are all over the world.

its NOT because they were homosexual, although thats what people tend to believe, its because they were wicked, and they wanted to rape the angles. Its because the poeple of lot were wicked that they were destroyed, not because they were homosexual, "homosexual" is not mentioned in the quran in the story of lot, but wickedness is.

Homosexual practices harm the people performing them, and they spread diseases that cannot be spread by normal intercourse.
But they people of lot were not killed for these things specifically, but for other things such as lewdness and wickedness.

abrogation =/= lost
remember that
abrogation means the surah is still there in the quran, but is overpowered by another surah.

I would also like to say that even before Uthman became Caliph, there was already a full Quran made. Abu Bakr, compiled the quran from the written copies written at the time of the prophet, and by people who memorized it, and had one of the first "full copies". He later gave it to hafsa, it was this same copy that was used as a template for Uthman's "copy" of the quran, in reality, whe only made it official, abubakr was the first to compile the full quran.

peace my bros
stop with this
I want to tell you this both of you guys, Mr. Abdallah and Reza this
mr abdallah, you created this website and im thankful for this, more people should be like you, you are very moderate and dont like over censorship, this is what the muslim world needs
reza, you dont consider yourself sunni or shia, same with me, you're actually one of the few, so cool beans.

But both are making mistakes
first reza
Arabs have a civilization, a great civilization, its true we were not scientifically developed as the persians but we still had a civilization and culture before and after islam. i see some of your comments are anti arab, we have a culture and a civilization, true,m our politics needs help, but then, look at iran, afghanistan, tajikistan, azerbaijan, pakistan (traditional iranian territories). we had great scientist, jabir bin hayyan was an arab of the azd tribe, ibn khaldun was also one, and there was also persians like biruni and al razi, and never forget there were arab scientist working along side there persian collegues.

Mr. abdallah, i dont deny that there are some shia that worship ali and over emphasis his imporatnce, some are even going to the extent of commiting shik and (forbidden) innovation, the videos on youtuvbe prove this. However, you should know that the majority of the shias, although they over emphasis ali, odnt worship him or say that he is god, the twelver and the zaydi sects are proof of this, some ismailis also follow this doctrine. The alavis and the alawis sometimes worship ali and this is fact, or consider him in a trinity, but we shouldn't use this to portray all shias. in addition, the sources you used, the youtube videos have biased agaisnt shias in them, i.e. the were made for the purpose of bashing and/or refuting shias.

as a brother once said "instead of killing each other on whther to fold our arms during prayers or not, we should fight the people who want to chop them of", it was a comment on hyoutube that i found.

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