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Title: According to Quran, Muslims are not allowed to read Anti-Muslims websites/books
Post by: fadi on December 14, 2016, 11:05:49 PM
Assalamo Alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

I have been reading few articles that some brothers asking of why Anti-Muslim sites say so and so about Quran. Therefore, I decided to write to remind you that once you notice that this is an Anti-Muslim site, you MUST immediately close it.
Example: Allah told the believers in Quran to lower their gaze (from looking at any forbidden things). Thus, if you see a naked woman in bikini, you must turn your eyes away of her. However, if you choose to go and chat with her to explain to her Islam, then in my personnel opining you are only playing (deceiving yourself) because there are many other occasions/places to explain to her Islam. 

You are claiming that the Anti-Muslims sites are the major enemies to Islam. My two cents answer is: this is incorrect. In fact we (Muslims) are helping them to stay in business by visiting their sites and asking them questions. It’s very simple, if you open a store and no one buy from you, you will be out of business within a month or two. If you want to marry, would you go to a Strip Club to search for a wife!!! Therefore, why do you go to these sites? What would you expect the goal of these sites other than misleading Muslims and non-Muslims and promoting hatred against Muslims? Those Anti-Muslims sites are Satan (Shayateen Al-ins)

O ye who believe! follow not Satan's footsteps: if any will follow the footsteps of Satan, he will (but) command what is shameful and wrong (24:21)
Allah told us to deliver Quran to mankind but as He wants, not as we want. Our duty is to advertise in public media about Quran and invite them to contact us to explain to them Quran and answer any question they may ask. But if they reply to mock or undermine Quran, then we are not allowed to deal with them anymore.
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, Convey from me even an Ayah of the Qur'an; relate traditions from Banu Israel, and there is no restriction on that; but he who deliberately forges a lie against me let him have his abode in the Hell.

We all know that Allah sent a warning to Prophet Mohammad when he erred.
(The Prophet) frowned and turned away. Because there came to him the blind man (i.e. 'Abdullah bin Umm-Maktum, who came to the Prophet while he was preaching to one or some of the Quraish chiefs). And how can you know that he might become pure (from sins)? Or he might receive admonition, and the admonition might profit him? As for him who thinks himself self-sufficient, To him you attend; What does it matter to you if he will not become pure (from disbelief: you are only a Messenger, your duty is to convey the Message of Allah). But as to him who came to you running, And is afraid (of Allah and His punishment). Of him you are neglectful and divert your attention to another, Nay, (do not do like this); indeed it (this Qur'an) is an admonition. So whoever wills, let him pay attention to it. (80:1-12)

If you agree with me, please tell your friends/relatives about it. If not, please share your knowledge/suggestions with us.

Title: Re: According to Quran, Muslims are not allowed to read Anti-Muslims websites/books
Post by: Sama on December 16, 2016, 12:37:51 PM
And it has already come down to you in the Book that when you hear the verses of Allah [recited], they are denied [by them] and ridiculed; so do not sit with them until they enter into another conversation. Indeed, you would then be like them. Indeed Allah will gather the hypocrites and disbelievers in Hell all together
Title: Re: According to Quran, Muslims are not allowed to read Anti-Muslims websites/books
Post by: QuranSearchCom on December 16, 2016, 03:07:29 PM
"According to Quran, Muslims are not allowed to read Anti-Muslims websites/books"

As'salamu Alaikum dear brothers Fadi and Sama,

Jazakum Allah Khayr for the information that you provided.  I just want to add that every Muslim must be aware of the Islamic responses to all of the attacks on Islam.  This is not just for you, but also for your vulnerable children.  So, while you may not have the interest to really go to the anti-Islamic websites, it is extremely important that you be ready for the assaults that your children will go through.  Therefore, you must be very knowledgeable about what the infidels write and say about Islam.

All Praise and Thanks and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone and no one else, today we have books and booklets and Islamic bookstores, and Islamic websites that can give you all of the arguments and their refutations.  You don't have to go through the painful task of diving into the infidel sites and research for answers.  Most of them, if not all, are already thoroughly given to you, walhamdulillah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Title: Re: According to Quran, Muslims are not allowed to read Anti-Muslims websites/books
Post by: fadi on December 16, 2016, 03:58:50 PM
Assalamo Alaikum,

Jazak Allah Kair brother Osama. My apology, I forgot to say in my post that you must only go to Islamic sites to gain knowledge... but you already explained.