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I mean you have a viewpoint which is against the common consensus on what happened during the event. majority of muslims believe in a double where one was made to appear like christ and that he was killed whilst the real one ascended to heaven and was never put on the cross. You however say that he was put on the cross but that he wasn't able to feel the pain being inflicted and you gave examples from the quran such as Abraham in the fire or Jonah in the stomach of the whale to prove your point. Wouldn't this also be conjecture on your part to assume that Isa couldn't feel pain?


--- Quote from: QuranSearchCom on December 09, 2022, 10:54:53 AM ---Read the article in the link.  The double is in their NIV NT.

--- End quote ---

I am not arguing with a Christian, if I was I would have been done with him in like 3 minutes. Im just asking in regards to your contrary opinion which is against the current consensus.

As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

I'll just repost my top answer again:

--- Quote from: QuranSearchCom on December 09, 2022, 12:02:20 AM ---We don't need to conjecture, brother.  Allah Almighty let the polytheist trinitarian pagans drown in conjecture.  Their entire religion is a religion of conjecture, exactly as Allah Almighty calls it in the Glorious Quran:

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What you mentioned above were examples I used to prove that Jesus could've been stabbed many times and he still would not have felt pain nor would have died.  Exactly as Abraham when he was thrown in the fire.  I am not conjecturing here.  I was simply shedding light on how physically mighty and powerful our Messiah was.  Peace be upon all of the Prophets.  The Bibles' Christ was put on the cross for three hours.  Any one of us would've survived this silly crucifixion.  Your human body, when faced with death, can become 10+ times stronger, more resilient, more resistant and more stubborn than normal.  This is what would enable you, for example, to lift an entire truck with your bare hands if your precious child was under it.  Similarly, if you were put on the cross for three silly hours, your body would've survived it.  A soldier was placed for 63 hours and still lived to tell the world about it.  You can read about it in the mentioned article:

Now as to what exactly actually happened, I will not conjecture.  Allah Almighty designed the Messiah's crucifixion event to drown the polytheist trinitarian pagans in conjecture.  We see this in their NT where Pilot was standing between two identical Jesuses.  That is a Divine setup for conjecture.  We should not go inside this rabbit hole as Muslims.  It is not for us.

I hope this helps, insha'Allah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

QuranSearch: you are using the examples of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) that they put him in the fire but no harm happened to him, and the whale swallowed Jonah (Younes) (pbuh) but no harm happened to him, so you are saying that it’s the same for Jesus (pbuh) that they put him on the cross but no harm happened to him.

Let me inform you that your argument is completely false because for Prophet Abraham and Jonah (pbut), Allah clearly told us in Quran that they put Abraham in the fire and the whale swallowed Jonah but NO harm happened to them, but for Jesus, Allah clearly said: (Ma Salaboh) they did not crucify him. Therefore, there is no reason to discuss of whether they put Jesus on the cross or not because Allah told us (Ma Salaboh) which means he was not put on the cross. But you keep arguing, so it seams to me that perhaps Allah has blocked your heart and your eyes from seeing the truth, or perhaps your site is not an Islamic site but a Christian site and you are pretending that you are Muslim to promote the Christians ideology and to create confusion between Muslims.

Have a good day,

The Glorious Quran says they neither crucified him nor killed him, but it was made to appear as such to them.  This means it appeared that they both crucified him and killed him.

It is possible that he received some painful beating in the midst of it due to his idiotic language in the NT that turned sinful into lawful and lawful into sinful.  We argued this before.  I have proven that even Prophets can be punished and even enter Hell Fire:

And no I am not a Christian.  I am a Muslim.  But I am not a barfoon that just parrots back what scholars of old have said.  They have not reached the ceiling of all knowledge about Islam.  I am not confused at all.  You seem to be in so much confusion due to the cult that you're attached to.

And again, Jonah was an apostate Prophet when he was punished.  David too reach apostacy when he killed his neighbor and committed adultery with his wife.  So Jesus being punished by GOD Almighty is nothing new.  It happened before.  I also don't see any exoneration or vindication by Allah Almighty to Jesus in the Glorious Quran when Jesus will be put on trial and asked:

"Did you command your followers to take you and your mother as gods to be worshiped besides me?"

Yes Jesus will deny it.  But he could be telling a lie.  Read the Quran again.  The trial is left open.  No exoneration or vindication.  This means Jesus could end up in Hell.

Mary acquitted from all بهتان "buhtaan":

‏‏4:156 وبكفرهم وقولهم على مريم بهتانا عظيما

[004:156] That they rejected Faith; that they uttered against Mary a grave false charge;

We do see ample acquittal, exoneration and vindication of our mother Mary in the Glorious Quran about her:

1-  Never committed any fornication or adultery.
2-  Her child, Jesus, was born from her while she was still a virgin.

I know where you grew up you would not dare to think like this.  They would call you and apostate.  My neck is not under anyone's foot.  Maybe you should check where your neck is.

Jesus replaced Iblis (Satan):

You know that Iblis became the cursed satan because arrogance took him.  Well, according to Ezekiel 28:13-19, Jesus replaced Satan:

So like satan,  pride and arrogance could take a Prophet like Jesus or any other.

I know that where you grew up and the cult that you follow, all of this is above your head brother.  LOOOL.  No issues.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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