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How to debate with shia?
« on: May 29, 2014, 06:19:10 PM »
I can't seem to get my point across on the proper method to interpret the Quran! If I can't do this, then they can never understand the Quran.

They say that we cannot interpret the Quran without the "infallble Imams" and they cite Quran 3:7. Quran 3:7 just says that only the people of knowledge can interpret the allegorical/hidden meanings of the Quran--and this is obviously true. The #19 miracle is hidden, the rose like paint thing in the Quran can only be understood if you have cosmological knowlege etc. But these shia seem to insist that only imams and religious gurus have the right to tell you that the true meaning of the Quran.

I argued:

1.) The Quran says it has all the details and that Allah explains the Quran and that the Quran explains itself (example: Allah says " "See how We explain the verses that they may understand." (6:65) and we don't need some extra source or some imam telling us what it says Thus Allah revealed verses which provided Tafsir of other verses themselves. If we needed some other source to explain the Quran, Allah would have made the prophet Muhammad write an entire tafsir of every Quranic verse--but that didn't happen. Rather, Allah himself explained the Quran through the Quran.  What remained ambigous in one verse, its clarification and exegesis was provided by Allah Himself by the gradual descent of other verses of the Qur’an. Hence Allah provided the Tafsir of the Qur’an by the Qur’an itself, and did not make His Book dependent on any compilations of traditions for its exegesis. It is by this manner that Allah gave the Tafsir of His Book to the messenger and the messenger inturn conveyed to his audience. The messenger did not give any separate book of Tafsir to the Ummah as the Tafsir of the Qur’an which he imparted on the Ummah was contained inside the pages of the Qur’an itself."

2.) Imams are not infallible as if they were, they wouldn't be contradicting each other. One must be wrong, fallible, eh? Plus, I cannot believe the extent of Idol worship these people have

Should I just give up on them. It seems like people will never stop believing in anything they don't want to. Let me just say that if I was like that, I would have never became a Muslim in the first place.

Just look at this shia clown who thinks there is a hidden meaning in the Quran that contradicts what it clearly says! He calls it "esoteric".

The link is at a specific time, but I cannot believe that a shia can think that the Quran has some kind of hidden meaning and that the Quran STATES that Jesus was not crucified even though it made it clear!!!!!!  :-[ --This is just because some Imam told him so.
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