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« on: August 18, 2013, 10:39:42 AM »
I am actually warning you in a nice way.
Stop making stupid topics and believing everything you read.
Abrogation did exist. For example, Alcohol for the muslims used to be forbidden, they were allowed to drink it but they were not allowed to pray salah whilst intoxicated, but later on it was abrogated, and made forbidden.

HERE'S A TIP OF ADVICE. - GO AND STUDY THE LIFE OF THE PROPHET. You seem like a smart brother, instead of asking these stupid questions, YOU COULD HAVE STUDIED THE LIFE OF THE PROPHET EASILY. And I'm not speaking of reading books, listen to a biography of the Prophet (May Allah send peace and blessings upon him) as they explain ahadith too, it's a dangerous thing to interpret ahadith yourself. If you would've studied the life of the Prophet, you would HAVE KNOWN THIS, this is something minor.

Now for mclinkin94, this is NOT a warning. I will answer your question related to the Jew lol.

You wrote:

His only argument was that Judaism came from Islam.

He said things like:

Islam does Jewish customs more perfectly than Jews
Islamic philosophy is extremely powerful
Once a person converts to Islam, its hard to make them Jewish.

In this video, he shows how the Hijab is a Jewish custom adopted by the Quran!
-Wouldn't it make sense for Allah to uphold such a custom?

I ask everyone to put it in context and reflect:

1.) Which religion is more corrupted, Christianity or Judaism?
2.) Of question #1, does it make more sense that Islam is closer to Judaism? "

Are you being serious here? You do realise in Mosaic law, women were required to be covered too right? Claiming that the hijab is "COPIED" from Judaism is stupid. In fact, this is so idiotic. Mary, the mother of Jesus (May Allah send peace and blessings upon Jesus) wore a veil according to images drawn by them, it's jews today who do NOT uphold their teachings. Muhammad is a messenger of God just like Moses is, the only difference is, the law of Muhammad abrogates the law of Moses. Pork is forbidden in the Old testament, and we as musims are forbidden to eat pork too, what is that now an accusation too? These jews are silly. Yes, Islam is more closer to Judaism. Christianity is a corrupt faith, it is a movement created by Paul, NOT JESUS. Jesus did NOT refer to himself as a Christian, neither did he create such. Moses too was NOT a jew, but was a Levite. Jews are so far astray, in fact some of them believe in REINCARNATION and reject the belief of yawm-al-qiyamah!, That's how far astray they have gone!.
The word hijab merely means a "Veil", it does not refer to just an headscarf, it refers to a veil which covers the whole body. So wearing a piece of cloth around your head but wearing tight jeans is such stupidity.


We BOTH only can eat meat slaughtered in the name of Allah
We BOTH only can worship Allah alone, without ascribing partners to Him.
We BOTH are required to grow beards. (It's wajib according to scholars)
We BOTH have to follow the commandments of Allah

As I mentioned, the law of Muhammad abrogates the law of Moses, so as Muslims, we do not have to follow the Sabbath, where on yawm-al-sabt we have to not work, this is not a law for us. It is abrogated. We have to pray 5 times a day, whereas they are required to pray 3 times daily. They have to fast on the passover, it is not compulsory for us to do so and so on. I can go on.

Claiming Judaism came from Islam is silly, because I can make the same claim as his belief, I can claim that "Judaism" came from the religion of Ibraheem (May Allah send peace upon him) because Ibraheem CERTAINLY was NOT a jew or a Christian. The Judaism "movement" came later.

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Re: A WARNING TO FARHAN UDDIN. Also mclinkin94
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2013, 05:32:21 PM »
I am indeed ignorant in the life of the prophet, no lie here 

Consider my posts here as a desire to learn about it :)

About that video, I just wanted to share with others what I observed--but many probably already know.

Thanks. May God bless you, thanks for your other answer as well (on Abu Lahab)


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