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Examples of My Tweets and Answers to Incoming Questions
« on: September 09, 2022, 04:51:31 AM »
(My Turkish article translated with machine)

First of all, let me share with you a few of the things I wrote on Twitter. And then I would like to give you a few examples of some of the questions I have been asked on the internet about religion and philosophy and the answers I have given to them:

-The Quran shows what the real interests of human beings are and provides ways to achieve these interests, to achieve lasting salvation.

-We need to think deeply about our behavior, as the decisions we make will shape not only this world but also the hereafter.

-Do not fear difficulties, do not fear others, fear only the scriptwriter.

-The false Bible or Torah we have, or rumors called "narrations" are not the source of religion. Only the Quran presents the religion of Allah.

-The Quran commands the use of reason, questioning and science. This is why following superstition and conjecture is forbidden.

-God is everywhere as overseer and ruler, but "as being" He is outside our universe.

-In Islam, some of the commands and prohibitions that appear to be sacrifices are actually desires that in the long run provide pleasure and benefit in this world and in the hereafter.

-God Almighty wants you to enjoy beauty in all aspects of life, in this world and the hereafter.

-Paradise is the pinnacle of luxury, splendor and happiness, and this land of blessing and immortality is as vast as our universe.

Those who look to the Qur'an as the only source of religion and turn to true Islam are not reformers, but, on the contrary, anti-reformist conservatives in the field of religion.

-In the Hereafter Universe, that is, on the Lord's Floor, life forms are so constant that they do not even age...

-Perpetual machines machines have already been built, in fact, and it is enough just to utilize gravity to realize these contraptions.

-This worldly life is much more important than we think, as it is the test that determines our eternal life.

-Not only in the field of religion, but in every field, from philosophy to science, human beings tend to turn to superstition.

-The right way of thinking and behaving should remain stubbornly fixed forever.

-Notice how often the numbers 19 and 11 are mentioned in the news...

-There is no good in everything "for the individual", there is good in some and evil in others

-But in general, from the point of view of Allah's plan, there is good in everything and everyone gets what they deserve, in this world and in the Hereafter.

Each year has its own characteristics and collective consciousness, but these periods do not start on January 1st, but in mid-September.

-I have said that every September 17th or 18th the sound/characteristic of the new year begins, so today is actually the real New Year.

-Not relaxing until you get people to accept that you are right means that you are actually submitting to their opinions.

-Do not postpone your good deeds, try to do them sooner rather than later.

-In European and American movies, TV series and cartoons, the term "gods" instead of "God" has become more and more common, beware...

-Listening to music, playing chess or watching movies are bodily-mental pleasures, just like eating, drinking and sex.

-We are given free will in some important choices related to the test, but in other areas and moments we are directed.

-The people around you, where you live (even what floor you live on), the exercise you do, what you eat and drink...all affect your personality.

-And even the year/period you are in influences you with its timbre/characteristics.

-A true psychological analysis or analysis can only be done in the light of the Qur'anic Teaching.

-Sometimes many blessings or, on the contrary, calamities occur in our lives that we are not even aware of, and some of them even serve both functions.

-Those who wish to have children should pray for good and heavenly children who will experience the beauties of both worlds.

-Your experiences are telling you something, are you listening?

-Humanity must get rid of the delusion of making change the goal or absolute evolution and realize that some things must remain the same forever.

-Are you afraid of others or are you afraid of yourself or the collective consciousness...? None of these should be your answer.

-Most of the problems you are actually struggling with are symptoms/signs of the main/real problem.

-It is one of the results of our Lord's mercy, goodness and perfection that He rewards the good and punishes the bad.

My Twitter address for those who want to follow me (you know the words should be read from the bottom up there):

We receive various questions either on internet forums or via e-mail or chat. Here are a few of my answers to these questions:

Question:  People's habit of trying to make haram things halal or not following them is known and criticized in the verses. But is the opposite situation, when they try to declare halal things haram, also described and criticized in the verses?


Of course. Throughout history, in the world of testing, servants have been in a race to make what is lawful unlawful as much as, if not more than, declaring what is unlawful lawful by attempting to act as lords in the field of religion/life. Thus, the forces of evil have tried to turn religion, which is supposed to provide pleasure, material/spiritual wealth and happiness on earth, into a center of misery and misery. Although those who corrupt religion have different aims, their main goal is to ensure that people lose and stay away from blessings in both worlds. The Qur'an criticizes those who try to pretend that what is free is forbidden:

Surah Kehf

26- He does not make anyone a partner in His judgment.

Surah Nahl

116 And do not say, "This is lawful and that is unlawful," with the fabrications of your tongues, that you may slander Allah with falsehood. Those who slander Allah with falsehood will not be saved.

Surah Anam

138 In accordance with their own delusions they said: "These are untouchable animals and crops. None but those whom We will may eat them." There are animals on which it is forbidden to ride, and there are animals on which they do not mention the name of Allah because they slander Allah. Allah will punish them for the slander they fabricate.

139 They also said: "What is in the bellies of those animals is reserved for our men and forbidden to our women. If the offspring is born dead, they are all entitled to it, men and women." Allah will punish them for this characterization. He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing.

140 Verily, those who mindlessly slaughter their own children for lack of knowledge, and those who forbid what Allah has provided for them by slandering Allah, are indeed losers. Believe me, they have gone astray; they will never find truth and beauty.
143 Eight pairs: Two of the sheep and two of the goat. Say, "Has He forbidden two males or two females, or what the wombs of the two females enclose? Inform me with knowledge if you are truthful."

144 And two of the camel and two of the cattle. Say, "Has He forbidden two males or two females, or what is enclosed by the wombs of the two females? Or were you witnesses when Allah suggested this to you?" Who is more unjust than he who fabricates a lie and slanders Allah in order to mislead people without knowledge? Allah does not guide a wrongdoing people.

145 Say: "I do not find in what has been revealed to me anything forbidden for anyone to eat that which you say is forbidden, except if it is one of the following: carrion, spilled blood, swine's flesh, which is filth, and an unclean thing slaughtered in the name of none but Allah." He who is in a state of necessity may eat them, provided that he does not violate the rights of others and does not exceed the limit of necessity. For your Lord is most forgiving, most merciful.

148 The disbelievers will say: "Had Allah willed, we would not have committed shirk, nor would our ancestors have committed shirk. Nor would we have made anything unlawful." And those before them denied in this way until they tasted Our torment. Say: "Do you have any knowledge with you that you can bring before us? You follow nothing but conjecture. You are only talking nonsense."

150 Say this: "Bring your witnesses who testify that Allah has forbidden this and that." If they bear witness, do not bear witness with them! And do not follow the pleasure of those who deny Our verses and do not believe in the Hereafter! They equate others with their Lord.

Surah Yunus Surah 59: Say: "What has come upon you that you make some of what Allah has sent down to you as sustenance forbidden and some of it lawful?" Say: "Did Allah give you permission, or do you slander Allah?"

Surah Al-Ma'idah 87 O you who believe! Do not make unlawful that which Allah has made lawful for you which is pure and good, and do not transgress; Allah does not love those who transgress.

The following verses reveal again that those who have a disease in their hearts love to turn their backs on beauty and ease and follow misery:

Surah Saba

18. And We made for them towns back to back between them and the cities in which We filled them with abundance, and We appointed a way of going and coming between them, and We said: "Travel therein in safety by night and by day."

19. But they kept saying: "Our Lord, put a distance between our journeys!" So they wronged themselves, and We turned them into myths, and We destroyed them all. Surely there are signs in this for anyone who is patient and grateful enough.

Also, in fact, those who pretend that what is lawful is unlawful are committing the greatest haram by pretending to be gods and associating themselves with Allah.

In fact, even those who do the opposite, that is, those who try to make the haram appear to be halal, in the long run are pursuing misery and suffering, and again, they are acting as if they are gods. People's subconscious-consciousness and their behavior is really interesting...


He has created horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and as an ornament. And He creates what else you do not know.

Mules do not exist in nature, they were created by human intervention. So why is it mentioned in the verse among the animals created by Allah?


Allah is the Creator of all living things, even every object that exists. Whether there is human intervention or not does not change this. Allah can use the laws of physics, man, etc. to create. But it is He who designs, creates the laws and materials necessary for its formation out of nothing. Even what is called chance is nothing but fate.

Surah Vakia

56:" We created you. Should you not confirm?"

57: "Tell us then, what is the semen that you pour (into the wombs)?"

58: "Do you create it or are We the Creator? "

61: "And certainly you have known the first creation. Should you not reflect and take a lesson?

62: "Now tell me about what you sow.

63: "Do you cultivate it or are We the cultivators?

64: And if We had willed, We could have made it dry garbage, and you would have been astonished."

67:And what about the water that you drink?

68:Did you send it down from the cloud, or is it We who sent it down?

69:Had We willed, We could have made it salty, should you not be grateful?

70:Tell me now about the fire which you are kindling,

71:Did you create its tree or did We create it?

72: We created it as a sign and for the benefit of those who pass through the desert."

In verse 70 we are told that even the fire we ignite is not actually ignited by us, but Allah has created the formation necessary for it to come into existence, so that we can make use of it.

In addition, all technologies are also brought into existence thanks to the laws set by Allah.

The ships that sail in the sea like high mountains are among His signs. If He willed, He could stop the wind, so that they would remain on it. Verily, in this are indeed signs for him who is patient and thankful (Surah 42: Shura, 32-33).

Surah al-Qamar Verse 3: They denied and followed their own desires and delusions. However, every work and occurrence is subject to decision, measure and order.

Therefore, it is emphasized in the Qur'an that the real creator of all the tools is, of course, our Almighty Lord.

Surah Ibrahim Surah 32 It is Allah who created the heavens and the earth. He sent down water from the sky and brought forth from it fruits for you as sustenance. He has given you ships to sail the sea at His command. He has also given the rivers at your command.

Surah Zuhruf Verse 12: It is He Who has created all the pairs. And He has made for you of the ships and of the beasts what you ride on;13 so that you may sit on their backs, then when you sit therein, remember the Blessing of your Lord and say: "Glory be to Him Who has given this to our command! Otherwise we could not have brought it near us."

Surah Al-Jaziya Verse 12: Allah has made the sea subservient to you so that ships may sail in it by His command, that you may ask of His bounty and give thanks.

It is reported that not only ships but all other means of transportation were created by our Lord:

Surah Ya-sin 42 And We have created for them other things like ships that they may ride on.

Although the accumulation of knowledge in the fields of culture and science may seem to bring about the blessings that provide our comfort, in reality it is our Lord who provides us with these blessings:

Surat al-Hadid: 25 And We sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and We sent down with them the Book and the measure so that men may uphold justice. And We sent down iron, and in it is a formidable strength and many benefits for mankind. By it Allah will know who will help Him and His Messengers, believing in the unseen. Allah is the Mighty, the Mighty.

Surah Anbiya 80 We taught him the art of making armor that will protect you from your violence, but are you grateful?

In short, the Almighty, who says that He has created even technological blessings for us and that we should be grateful for them, is of course the Creator of all living beings and states this in His verses. In fact, if we pay attention to the expressions in the verses, it is said that He has created/will create even the products that will emerge in the future thanks to science and technology.


Surah Al-Mulk 16 Are you sure that that which is in the sky will not submerge you? Then the earth will suddenly begin to shake.
Surat al-Mulk 17 Are you sure that He who is in the sky will not send upon you a wind carrying pebbles? Then you will know how I warn!

Our Creator is outside time and space. That is, He is not inside our universe but outside it. So why is He referred to as "in the sky" in these verses?


Allah created the universe and time out of nothing and that is why associating shirk with Him is the greatest sin. Because nothing created is a part or partner of Him. Our Lord is separate from all His creations as a being. But He is present at every point and moment as an observer and manager.

We said that our Lord "as a being" is outside our universe. So when this is the case, which side is the outside of our universe "in terms of direction" to us? The sky, of course.

Because the boundaries of the universe are in the sky.

If we want to look through a curtain from where we are sitting, how do we try to do that? We look through the curtain, right? Actually, it is not the curtain you are looking at, but what is beyond the curtain (even though you cannot see it...)

 God (as a being) is also outside the boundaries of the universe, i.e. separate from His creation. However, to us, "in terms of direction", He is on the sky side. But in reality, of course, He is outside the sky/universe.

Likewise, Paradise in the "Hereafter Universe", or as it is called in the verses, "in the Presence of Lord", is also outside our universe, but for us it is on the sky's side in terms of direction, because that is where the boundaries and the outside of our universe are. This is stated in the Qur'an as follows:

 Surah Zariyat: 22 And your sustenance is in the sky, and what you are threatened with.

In other words, Paradise and hell are both in the sky. Of course, this is not referring to the vacuum of space in our universe, but the space in the other universe. It is talking about the Hereafter Universe (the Floor of the Lord), which has different laws of physics... In this context, we understand again that the expression "in the sky" is also used for what is beyond our universe. Because, as I said, in terms of direction, it corresponds to the outside, that is, above us, the boundaries of our universe and beyond.

It is also possible that verses 16 and 17 of the Mülk Surah may be referring to a danger or entity waiting for us in space. For example, a planet, a black hole or something else with consciousness.

Greetings and love


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