Deep Concern With Wikiislam

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mendacium remedium:

--- Quote from: mendacium remedium on April 20, 2013, 04:09:14 PM ---I absolutely agree with the OP. One of the main reasons i made this account was to alert brother Osama and the rest of us to websites like these. They look proffesional, factual, but they simply and cleverly misinterpret the Quran. Many people hear about the miracles of the Quran, then go on those websites and read the misinterpretations and think 'This is the wrong religion'. I am not too fused with regards to how many become muslims, i just want the truth to be relayed out to the people and then allow them to make their final decisions.

Brother Osama, if i can in any way be of use to you, please let me know. I have been studying the science of the Quran for a while, and will be going into medical school in October. If you require me to do any work for you in this respect and regard , please let me know and i will see if i have the ability to help.

Also brother Osama, i will try to recruit as many muslims to join this blog and this website. We need to have some sort of unity and organisation.

--- End quote ---

Something key here is that i absolutely agree with is that any website made with regards to the scientific contradictions needs to say "Flat earth?" so the users immediately know what you are addressing, and it looks like the other website.

Brother Osama, perhaps search engine optimization and the like can help us get higher ranked? We also need a lot of back links and so on and so forth.(Quality back links, genuine people quoting your website!).

I believe you should by links that also might be mistaken for your website, or even just misspelling of it, to prevent it from being relocated to a site  run my islamophobes. you should also purchase links that might be mistaken for promenet anti muslim sites.

Student of Ilm:
Wow. I had no idea you would do so much. Thank you very much for taking my advice, I think a site like that is greatly needed. If you need me for help with English or research or anything like that at all. Please let me know.

Student of Ilm:

--- Quote from: Egyptian on April 19, 2013, 10:47:42 AM ---

good new Bro Osama ......though huge efforts should be done....

I suggest:

1- the site should has the same simple look of the critical nonemuslim site of wikiislam... the over usage of colors,  big fonts ,links interuppting the topic,images  should be avoided .

2- After reading some of wikiislam ,some of the articles there seem to be of cooperative efforts of several persons... and that should be done on your site as well....

3- the titles of topics should be exactly the same design and order of the the critical nonemuslim site of wikiislam,with the difference that the content be a refutation explanation to the topics therin.
for example the antiislam site put the following links

Contradictions and Inconsistencies

    Flat Earth and the Qur'an
    The Geocentric Qur'an
    Dhul-Qarnayn and the Sun Controversy
    Embryology in the Qur'an
    Questions to Ask a Muslim
    Qur'anic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs
    Qur'an and the Big Bang

the design of the islamic site should be nearly the same

Flat or round Earth in the Qur'an?
    The Geocentric Qur'an
    Dhul-Qarnayn and the Sun Controversy
    Embryology in the Qur'an
   answering questions asked to Muslim
    Qur'anic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs
    Qur'an and the Big Bang

and let me repeat the precious advice of  the member "Student of Ilm"

Use only the opinions of the Ulema, the scholars, and cold hard facts. Information according to traditional Islaam, the Qur'an, authentic Sunnah and the Salaf, or even contemporary opinions, but make sure you do both. As well as correct "perceptions". Make sure the English is near perfect, that it looks clean and professional, presented very well.



--- End quote ---

I completely agree with Egyptian. One thing you guys could all do is arrange a time to meet on Skype or Paltalk, to discuss the building and organization of the website.

A few reccomendations...

1. Create teams. A research team, a developer team, and a current affairs team. Appointing a leader for each one. The first will deal with gathering the evidence for the rebuttals, taking notes and doing all of the research basically, and would consist mostly of those very well knowledged in Ilm. The developer team will be the ones who organize the findings, notes and the like of the research team and organize them into professional rebuttals, they will also have the best English language skills. The current affairs team would take care of offering a truly Islaamic viewpoint of the events that are mentioned in, using evidence from the Qur'an, Sunnah and the Salaf, and not so black and white viewpoints about the topic itself, such as giving the influences of culture.

2. Weekly meetings on Skype or Paltalk between the main members, an online "Shura Council" over the matter. But in the spirit of Islaam, after all recommendations have been met, Osama AbdAllah would make the final call based on the advice given. This would also greatly strengthen the unity of those working on this project.

3. Within each article, if this really comes up, offer both the traditional view of the subject according to the Ulema, and the contemporary. An example would be the age of Aisha.

These are just reccomendations, but of course, it's up to you guys.

Osama, I just want to say this. I really can't thank you enough to doing this, but thank you.

mendacium remedium:
Brilliant ideas everyone.

We definitely need a team. The other websites look like they contain a joint team effort. And you're right OP, perception is absolutely key.

We have the truth, the real information, we just need to get it out there more:)

If i could be of any use guys, please let me know.


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