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« on: November 03, 2016, 10:09:27 AM »
thanks brother

« on: November 03, 2016, 04:27:49 AM »
Brother osama abdullah if you have found anything about this topic then please share.thanks

« on: October 31, 2016, 01:34:06 PM »
is there any verse of quran or reference of hadith which talks about transgenders?????

different scholars have different opinion........dr shabbir ally says that the person who is drawing has no bad intention in his mind so it is permissible to draw even creatures......but dr zakir naik says that for educational purposes it is permissible but on other occassions it is not permissible to draw creatures.

thanks :)

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Abrogation of verses of quran
« on: March 17, 2016, 04:39:52 AM »
I was told that the verses which are somehow contradicting in the quran are abrogated and the verse which reveals later is acceptable
like 4:15 and 24:2.......some scholars say that there is no abrogation.....someone plz answer this.thanks

okay.but even if we agree on all scientific things of bible,then what about errors?we cant attribute it to example are mark 16:17-18 , Lev 12:1-5

bro,if you got the answer to that article,plz show the link.thanks :)

I think the person who asked you about 70 times didn't read the Quran.Allah says that obey Allah and obey the messenger and that is what our prophet taught us.pray and seek forgiveness.the moment you repent,it is human tendency that he obeys someone who he can ask him that even Jesus fell to ground and pray.their own bible says that

Maybe the writer is trying to say that God likes those who gain knowledge and strive
If you strive in the way of Allah,He will open up the pathways for you (29:69)
And Allah knows best

Brother first of all,you said that message of jesus was not written by was written long after how can you be sure that message of bible is true.even now many verses in the bible are marked as fabrications.we muslims believe that he has performed many miracles.what about his prophecy of matthew 12:38.even the writer of matthew is not saint matthew himself.Yes prophet muhammed didnot perform miracles as jesus did.but miracles are not always a way to prove that he is a messenger or not.and even if you want miracle then quran is the miracle of miracles.just read it and you will say this yourself. and prophet muhammed just thinked that he was possesed by demon but jesus was actually possessed by satan(luke 4:5-6)i as a muslim belive that prophets are innocent.they cant be trapped by devil.but your bible says that said that your sins are already forgiven,then please assure me than if i rob,if i rape.i will not be tested and i will be forgiven.
and we cannot compare is not our problem.according to us jesus,muhammed,abraham are all the same because they are messengers.i dont know jesus saw the God or not but when phillips said him that show us the Father and it is enough then he said have i been with you so long and then you dont belive me and want to see the father (john 14:8).he didnt show him Father.why?because no man can see the God with his eyes when he cant even look at the sun.
and if we talk about faith of prophet muhammad,then i do agree with you that he had sucidal thoughts but it happens when you try to tell others the truth and want to save them from fire and they dont even listen you.and een if we compare it with jesus,he said Father why has thou forsaken me?did he lost his faith?you can give the better answer.
and if we talk about prophets death then i dont know for sure about that.but i know he was poisoned by a lady but he lived for 3 years after is not a false prophet death.and even if i agree with you just for the sake of argument then please tell me that isnt it better that a man die in his home rather then supposedly being nailed on the cross naked (you know what im trying to say)
and just by thinking that quran contradicts the thing which are in bible then quran is not the word of God,then please tell me why on earth should i believe on the scripture which have so many contradictions and errors (ezra 2:65,nehemiah 7:67)(kings1 7:26,chronicles2 4:5)(mark 16:17-18).even christians say that king james version have grave defects (report from RSV)
and brother if we talk about marrige,quran says marry in two three or four but if you cant do justice marry only one (4:3).and you looked at wife of adam.but you forgot how many wives abraham had.......3    how many wives solomon had......700 (1kings 11:2) polygamy is the solution of the problem if you look deeply at almost every country in the world there are more women then men.if all the men get married then what will be donw to the remaining women.and leave aside sodomites too :P
And my beloved prophet,if you know his biography his first marrige was with khadija who was almost double of his age and two time wife of prohpet was you may think about his wife ayesha.for that you may look at this will find your answer. and our prophet didnt have the right to divorce them (33:54)
i tried so much to remove the misconceptions about islam from your mind.i dont claim to be so learned but as far as islam is concerned then Allah has granted me some knowledge

the topic was "zakir naik a liar" but in the whole post i didnt see where he lied. no offense but i think he is the man clearing up minconceptions about islam. thats the same thing the team of this site is doing.educating people and clearing misconceptions about islam.if zakir is a liar then people of this site are also liars. :o

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