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Prophet Mohammed(s) in Hindu Veda:

“Athesminanthare mlech acharyana samanitha mahamada ethikyatha shisyasaga samanitham”

Vyasan says “At that time a foreign prophet names mahammed and his followers appear”. (Bavishwal puranam 3:3:3:5)

Vyasan says “He was a prophet from the desert, he five times clean his body part by water and pray to god. He destroy the all the evil power and make people to ideal path (path of god).he is one of the slave of god”. (Bavishwal puranam 3:3:3:68)

Vyasan says” His follower cut their fore skin, they breed chin, they never breed hair, and they are Revolutionaries. They are making hallo for the people come to prayer, they eaten all the meat without pork, they fight against the people, who deviated from the truth and morality, they known as musilivan. They are walking the path of ideal people”. (Bavishwal puranam 3:3:3:25-28)
(A.H. VIDYARTHI & U. ALI: Muhammed in Parsi, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures, Page36).

“Edam jana upasrutha naramshamsa stha vishythe shshtim sahsra navitham cha cowmara arush meshta dadmehea ushta yasya pravahino vadu mantho dir dasha varshme radhasya ni jihidathe diva eshamano upasprysha asha hrishayea mamehe shatam nishkan dhasha sraja threni shathanyvartham sahsadhasha gonam”

“Hey people! You listen here carefully “a good man praised, I welcome him from between sixty thousands ninety enemy and he traveled by male and female camel. His Majesty fall beyond the haven. He had given to god 10 rectangle, 100 gold coins, 300 Arabic horses, 10,000 cows.” (Adarva Veda, vimshakandam suktham 27 slogam 1 to 3) 

From the above verses we understand that:

1)   “Edam jana upasrutha” its means that this message is the important message.
That means this verse must know all the believers. It includes an important message for all the believers.
2)   “Naramshamsa” means good and praised. Muhammad the Arabic word has two meaning good and praised.
3)   “Stha vishythe” means he praised. From the history there is only one man praise more than anyone (Muhammed(s)).a Muslim praise Muhammed(s) 30 times per day(prayer).when they here his name they say “salalahu alyva salam” .god praise to him. We Muslim use his name with(s), (pbuh), and (e) means god praise to him.
4)   “Sixty thousand enemy”. When he lived Mecca, population of Mecca between sixty thousands to seventy thousand.
5)   “Cowmara” this word has two meaning 1) ideal ruler (Mohammed(s) an ideal ruler.2) he spread the peace to the society (prophet).both meaning apt to Muhammed(s).he spread Islam (means peace) to society. 
6)   “Vadu mantho dirdasha” its means that he travel camel with his wife’s. There is not a possible he is an Indian, because Indians never travel by camel .it indicate someone from Arabia. Here Veda says ‘wife’s not wife, Mohammed(s) had more than two wife’s.
7)   “He had given to god 10 rectangle, 100 gold coins, 300 Arabic horses, 10,000 cows”. Here 10 rectangles indicate his 10 good followers (during his life period there is 10 people his good follower and god says from Qur’an they are going to haven).100 gold means 100 good follower of Muhammed(s) they are called ‘muhajir’,they travel from Mecca to madina with Muhammed(s) during ‘hijara’.
“300 Arabic horses” indicate his first war ‘badr’, total number of people in Islamic side was 313(8 person can’t involve the war, one person die before the war and 4 of them are children.remaing 300 Veda mention here).10,000 cows indicate victory of Mecca at that time number of Muslims are 10,000.

From the above verses we can understand that.

1)   Hindu expected kalki born 14,000 years ago  Arabian desert.
2)   There is no way to chance of incarnation. Truth is they are prophet not an incarnation of god.
3)   Vyasan explain the coming prophet. He may be one of the prophets.

Black Muslim:
I won't go into mazes and stuff . Let me get this straight , Islamophobes whould go so far as to claim prophet Muhammad peace upon him took things from Hinduism ?! Let's see : He couldn't read or write his own language - let alone other ones ! - , he never left the Arabian pensuila , his life - especially after the prophecy - is recorded in details , and his enemies among Arabians , Persians , and Romans - they had spies and agents in the land of course - would have noticed if he had any book from which he takes . After all of this , anyone bringing a script from any religion and claiming prophet Muhammad peace upon him took things from it is making an absurd claim that he can't prove in any way .

On the other hand , it is possible to find truth in different scriptures because we are told that their people altered and corrupted them . So if there are prophecies and such of the prophet peace upon him , that would be pf the remaining truth in them .


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