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Allah blesses women

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--- Quote ---Every muslim should find out for him/herself what islam really mean; and what it means to be muslim.

Every muslim women must ask, herself and allah, if being muslim means getting half a man's share;
--- End quote ---

The inheritance of the woman is actually more than fair for her, and it was designed by Allah Almighty to give her protection against the harsh and unforgiving world back then.  The woman's inheritance and dowry for marriage are her money, and she can choose to not share a single dollar with anyone if she chooses.  It is the husband's 100% responsibility to provide for her.  In fact, in Islam, the man is responsible for:

1-  His parents.
2-  His wife.
3-  His children until they become grown ups.
4-  His widowed sisters.
5-  His divorced sisters after their maintanence from their former husbands ends.

Him being obligated to spend on any and all of the mentioned people, above, justifies him getting double the woman in inheritance.  In fact, any of the people mentioned above could take him to court and have the court force him to pay.

--- Quote ---being rendered being half mentally adept; having to share a husband; etc.
--- End quote ---

When Allah Almighty put the Law of four men to be witnesses against any woman charged with lewdness, and for two women being equivalent to one man in financial contracts, Allah Almighty wanted to ensure:

1-  The full and uncompromised integrity of the situation.
2-  The highest standards and most justice.
Men back then, and even today throughout the third-world countries, are far more intelligence and experience when dealing with financial transactions, and tradings between goods and money, and money with money, and goods with goods than women.  Women are more experienced in raising children, cooking, milking, shaving the wool and making pillows and blankets and sweaters (clothes) with them, and cleaning.  The Financial world is something they're not experienced in, and mathematics tend to be very confusing for all humans.  You need lots of experience to deal with mathematics and financial transactions and dealings.  Hence, one woman, in general, wasn't enough back then, and even today in many of the under-developed countries, where women don't go to schools and spend most of their adult lives in marriages and raising children.  This is true in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.  This is why Allah Almighty Said "to remind or correct (tuthakkir) one of them the other".

Let us look at the Noble Verse in full context and in great details:

Noble Verse 2:282 "O ye who believe! When ye deal with each other, in transactions involving future obligations in a fixed period of time, reduce them to writing; let a scribe write down faithfully as between the parties: let not the scribe refuse to write: as God Has taught him, so let him write. Let him who incurs the liability dictate, but let him fear His Lord God, and not diminish aught of what he owes. If they party liable is mentally deficient, or weak, or unable Himself to dictate, let his guardian dictate faithfully, and get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as ye choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her. The witnesses should not refuse when they are called on (For evidence). Disdain not to reduce to writing (your contract) for a future period, whether it be small or big: it is juster in the sight of God, More suitable as evidence, and more convenient to prevent doubts among yourselves but if it be a transaction which ye carry out on the spot among yourselves, there is no blame on you if ye reduce it not to writing. But take witness whenever ye make a commercial contract; and let neither scribe nor witness suffer harm. If ye do (such harm), it would be wickedness in you. So fear God; For it is Good that teaches you. And God is well acquainted with all things. If ye are on a journey, and cannot find a scribe, a pledge with possession (may serve the purpose). And if one of you deposits a thing on trust with another, let the trustee (faithfully) discharge his trust, and let him Fear his Lord conceal not evidence; for whoever conceals it, - his heart is tainted with sin. And God knoweth all that ye do."


The actualy brain itself is not the point here.  This is what the ridiculous Islamophobes claim with their lies.  Otherwise, are we to believe that THREE MEN AREN'T INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO TESTIFY AGAINST A PROSTITUTE?  Why must we have four men?  It's the standards and the integrity and the assurance of justice and fair dealing that matters here.  It's not about the intelligence of the individual.

--- Quote ---If allah could bless marium with a son immaculately, how much more can he bless you as a woman? With allah, anything is possible. We, as women don't have to submit to men. Only submit to allah. He could if he wanted give you a child without using a man's sperm; give you food in abundance without your having ever worked a day in your life or having been someone's wife. Amin.
--- End quote ---

I am not really sure what agenda or point or perspective you're trying to push here.  It is not an insult for the woman to be a mother and a wife.  It is not an insult for the woman to breast feed her child for two mandatory years.  It is not an insult for the woman to be married to a man and get pregnant from him and raise a healthy and righteous society.  After all, IT WAS MY MOTHER, NOT MY FATHER, WHO RAISED ME!  SHE WAS THE ONE WHO ALSO HELPED ME WITH ALL OF MY HOMEWORKS.  She was the one who also made sure that I don't stay too late playing outside, and don't stray too far when playing with the other kids.  My father was busy working.  I see that as an honor for my mother, not an insult.  Only the destructive faminists of today, who are mostly divorced and lesbian losers, push such evil ideologies and agendas, which destroy marriages, and make women of today even far stupider than what they already are from all of the garbage that is fed to them.

--- Quote ---Muslims like to ask christians questions, to question christianity. But, muslims should question muslims about islam. Question the dictatorship. Question the discrimination. Question the bloodshed. Question the poverty. Question the characters of the muslim scholars.
--- End quote ---

All questions are welcomed.  The more you ask, the more we'll prove to you that Islam is the ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION for all of mankind and this lost humanity, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing).

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Life is very different today. If women aren't "less adept" how can they become "stupider than they already are"? You see how muslim men think about women?

Muslim men like yourselves make women think that they cannot survive without men. I was just giving the message that Allah can bless a woman from his bounty. Allah can also answer our prayers.

There are plenty of business women today. Even if you cannot do math, you could hire someone to do the math. Muslim women should make something of their lives. So why are muslim men offended by the suggestion that women should have independence?

What I said about Marium wasn't to get women to ask Allah to give them children in a similar way. It was just an example of how Allah can make the impossible happen. I'm sure there are women who think that with the gender discrimination it is impossible to gain financial independence. So, I was just saying that "Allah blesses women". Is it wrong for me to believe that Allah should bless women? Or does Allah only bless men, and as a woman you should pray for a blessed man to provide for you? Connot Allah bless a woman directly? I wouldn't be surprised to read a reply stating how men are more blessed than women in islam.

The qur'an is so full of messages in favour of men. I was just highlighting that there is a message of hope for women in that very same qur'an. I was highlighting that men are not the anchors of women. Allah can provide for us, women. If we pray to him, He will grant us many blessings.

This quote from the Holy Quran from sura 2:37

<quote> Every time that he [Zakariya] entered [Mary's] chamber to see her, he found her supplied with sustenance. He said: "O Mary! Whence (comes) this to you?" she said: "From Allah, for Allah provides sustenance to whom he pleases without measure." <quote/>

demonstrates how Allah can bless anyone, even women.

Final Overture:

--- Quote from: Antiaparteid on September 18, 2012, 02:47:16 AM ---This quote from the Holy Quran from sura 2:37

<quote> Every time that he [Zakariya] entered [Mary's] chamber to see her, he found her supplied with sustenance. He said: "O Mary! Whence (comes) this to you?" she said: "From Allah, for Allah provides sustenance to whom he pleases without measure." <quote/>

demonstrates how Allah can bless anyone, even women.

--- End quote ---

Who said that He doesn't bless them?


--- Quote --- Who said that He doesn't bless them? [quote/]

Who has said that He does them? It's not only about what is preached to muslim women that bothers me; It's also what isn't preached. I don't hear enough messages of hope spoken to muslim women. I was just saying what muslims don't say, and what muslims must hear--and, I'll keep doing so.
--- End quote ---


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