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Title: Indian Media Propaganda.
Post by: AMuslimDude213 on August 20, 2018, 11:10:24 PM
So I've been focusing on Hindus a bit, so nowadays in the Indian media I see some propaganda against Pakistani's in an attempt to divide Pakistani and Indian Muslims, although we pray in one mosque and share one religion and one progeny from the Mughals and all those empires,

So I just wanted to warn anyone who thinks Pakistani Muslims and Indian Muslims hate eachother, that is not entirely true at all, maybe there are a very rare few of Nationalist Indians and Nationalist Pakistani's, but other than them, the rest of us love our Muslim brothers in India. We respect their leader as we respect Quaid-E-Azam(Muhammad Ali Jinnah), but religiously we all have one leader and that is the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), so just a warning to those watching this fake news, donot believe in it, it's all propaganda to divide us Muslims,

And Islam does not sanction division due to Nationalism, it is a huge sin, and both Indian and Pakistani Muslims believe in this, and both Indian and Pakistani Muslims pray in one mosque, believe in one Quran, worship one God, and believe in his line of Prophets. so there is no division between us religiously and we are brothers in our faith as Muslims. and you will not see any Indian Muslim who is not overly nationalistic and is devout, hating Pakistanis, likewise with Pakistanis.

So yeah, just wanted to put this out there.
Title: Re: Indian Media Propaganda.
Post by: Mahir Adnan on August 29, 2018, 03:03:18 PM
you are wrong, bro. I don't think, it's possible to create hatred between Pakistani and Indian Muslims,not after the rape of asifa at hindu temple.
if you want to be worried about something, you should learn about Bangladeshi politics. the current secular government is using history of 1971,a hatred which is almost 50 years old,  to direct  people's support to India.
Title: Re: Indian Media Propaganda.
Post by: AMuslimDude213 on August 30, 2018, 03:19:51 AM
Perhaps you think  that but if you've been looking at the media around there, you'd know they show "Muslims"(Who're arent even truly Muslims, just people paid by Indians.) Dissing Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other pakistani figures.