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Double standard EVANS, they sanctify and condone bowing toward the Ark Of Covenant which we also take in consideration it's holiness, but condemning Sunnah Muslims of kissing what they consider a gift from the god himself, also condemning us of bowing to the god toward the ancient house of the God which it has many fruits some of these fruits :-

1- a universal direction for the Submitters rituals to tide their rituals.....
2- directing their faces towards a place where the god name being remembered is better than taking Las Vegas as their Qibla...
3- to make the whole earth as a prostration area for Muslims... better than making it a nations of bastards, pornographize it, and marrying gays in churches like how Christians are trying to do in it.
4- to unite Muslims.. (the most thing they hates)
5-  to simplify the rituals not to be just inside a main big temples, or just front of a movable sanctified God's gift or inheritance .…

...etc. of fruits and workout active spiritual rituals , unlike Christians lazy bum eating drinking their god body, and setting on chairs or disco/nightclub dancing disgraceful rituals.

also they have no passage condemn bowing toward the houses of the God.

There are a close relations within sanctifying the ark of covenant that Jews and also prophet Joshua ﷺ were using it as a direction to bow to the god toward it (which is maybe still lost), and the black stone that the sunnah Muslims are optionally kissing (which is broken or maybe missing anyway).

these divisions are considering these stuffs as the God inheritance(Jews, Muslims, and Christian(hypo Evans) who are compelled to do so : D, but they wished it didn't happened so they can defame Islam in anyway possible), so sanctifying them is because they considers/thinks it's a gifts from the God, but not that the God has dwelled in that ark, or dwelled in that stone, or in Humans, Cows, rats , and these [censored] juicers like how Christians and Hindus and others who are similar to them believes.....

most modern Muslims are neutral about that since there are no harm in sanctifying what ppl considers an inheritance gifts from the God just like the ark who maybe the God had to used it as a crutch of believe, confident, and serenity for the too much denying/doubting Israel sons. so it seems he took into consideration their malignancy, and replaced their loving of worshiping Calves and idols and gave them something reminding of him instead as a fruitful alternative.

 we can easily extract the fruits/juice of having the black stone in the ancient house of the God ... we consider it as a corner stone of the ancient house of the God nothing more.

1- we touches it for the sake of touching a target and leave in order to politely change the movement routine,
2-using it as an alert for counting rounds,
3-  to alert us in keep remembering the god if we got dispersed,

some of us never kissed it coz fearing of new diseases, and also coz it's not compulsory even in sunnah.

there is an image of prophets Moses ﷺ and Joshua ﷺ represent condoning bowing toward the ark of covenant as in Joshua 7:6

the fruits of hajj .

some related webs for what I said.

The 70 translators has added this part before Jesus saying it. "They worship me in vain" ....

Hebrew Isaiah 29:13
"And the Lord said: Forasmuch as this people draw near, And with their mouth and with their lips do honour Me, But have removed their heart far from Me, And their fear of Me is a command-ment of men learned by rote;

Septuagint Isaiah 29:13
"And the Lord has said, This people draw nigh to me with their mouth, and they honour me with their lips, but their heart is far from me: but in vain do they worship me, teaching the commandments and doctrines of men."

Matthew 15:7-9
Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
They worship Me in vain, teaching as doctrines the commands of men."

cmon in VAIN (matēn in greek)? where did they get this "in vain" from before Jesus saying it anyway ?

where is they worship me in vain or they honor, fear me in vain in the original ?

this "in vain" been said firstly by a Jewish translator
before 400 years of Jesus birth

1- Jesus speaks a false translation, not what he exactly prophesized to his prophet .
2- Jesus forgot what he prophesized, and needed to go back to a translator to remember what he inspired
3- Jesus couldn't remove suspicions about himself, and his prophet by uttering his exact divinity words , but he quoted a translator and made of himself and his prophet a joke .
4- Jesus didn't say I inspired or prophesized Isaiah , he said well done Isaiah prophecy ! who inspired it then ? not him ? ok
  this is a malicious tricky snaky games like it is in quoting (((Psalm 82:6)))  when it is firstly started by saying "it not written in your Law"  then quoting "I said, you are Gods"!!!!!  when the reader reads it, then he thinks at first that Jesus dared to tell them that he said you are gods .

 where it is just a quoted verse to play snake and ladder with the reader mind.

How could this holy sprite being so ignorant in translating a very important word of their eternal commandments??  .... from "take" to "covet" ? o'cmon. taking is a more easier commandment.

for more details . visit the web here .

   I think we have nothing to worry about, and we wont be sad if we discovered that prophet Jesus was the almighty in that day(lets assume), because:-

1- we are worshiping one God and follow his commandments.
2- the God we worship is the God of prophet Abraham whoever he is (glorified his attributes)
3- we are praising, and send salutations to the Prophet Jesus at the same time.
4- he is been called prophet many time in the roman bibloc, even if he were the prophet of himself, we believed in him as a prophet.
5- he is been called a slave in roman biblos, and if he is the one mentioned in Isaiah 53, even if he is the slave of himself, but we believed in him as a slave.
6- romans have parted God to 3 parts like they parted their universal worlds(3) and the universal Church(pope as a deputy of ....., priests and so on as a messengers of ..... , sheep ) , then we are believing in the spiritual part of him, while Christians believing in the material part like the majoos. 
7- and many other reasons. 

the issues will be with Christians when they finds out that prophet Jesus was just a human revelation, and wasn't really a God nor Son of God or son of Zeus or brahma.. and when they know that they rejected to believe the completed out of human physical corruptions revelation, which been preserved by Allah almighty by using a very honest slaves of his.

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« on: July 30, 2017, 04:59:22 AM »
Yeshua ben Sirach book ,Ecclesiasticus 24:5
 wisdom saying:5 I came out of the mouth of the most High, the firstborn before all creatures ...
here are the 4th person of the fourinity whom are before the word.. this is how you can twist an intro like john 1 with the help of Genesis 1 and some other words.

 how can anyone wanna call the Greek testament an inspired and a reliable historical evidence or an ISA injeel or Euangelion? .

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