Author Topic: Quran converts cubits into meters which was futuristic unit of measurment  (Read 813 times)

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Quran converts cubits into meters which was futuristic unit of measurment in the time of Quranic revelation, year 1791 also coded in the verse when Meters will be defined for the first time.
(Meters did not exist during the revelation of the Quran, REMEMBER THAT)
This is clear and simple evidence that Quran comes from allknowing being, God, who knows the future.

1. Only verse in the Quran which mentions Cubits, mentioned 70 cubits in Verse 32, today we know that

70 cubits = 32 meters, so actually Quran converted cubits into meters 1000 years before meters were invented, this is evidence that author of the Quran is allknowing God.

2. Before expression 70 cubits letters have numerical value 1791 = year 1791 Meter was defined for the first time in history by french academy of sciences.

3. Whole verse where cubits are mentioned have numerical value 3153, if we assume that this number is in cubits, we convert 3153 cubits into meter we get 1441 meters, if we look where is the 1791th verse in the Quran we find that the verse is 14:41 corresponding to 1441.

verse about cubits has NV 3153 cubits = 1441meters -> verse 14:41 is the 1791th verse of the Quran and year 1791 was the year when this conversion from cubits to meters was fullfilled

we see here clearly that on the same position Quran converted cubits into meters from 70cubits -> 32 meters and from 3153 cubits ->1441meters, this is clear proof of numerical prophecy in the Quran which everyone of you can test and verify.


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