Author Topic: Sight that i saw on 27th Ramadan 2017  (Read 1316 times)

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Sight that i saw on 27th Ramadan 2017
« on: July 04, 2018, 07:45:25 AM »
This following incident was 100% TRUE. If i am lying, may Allah curse me.

I will describe a sight that I saw on 27th Ramadan 2017 (previous year).I and my cousin went to Masjid for ihthikaf (اعتكاف‎) at the night of that day.We recited quran from there as all others was doing.When it was 2:00am the imam of the masjid and people present there started to recite Adhkaars as a congregation.Even though reciting adhkaars are good and appreciable, i believe this type of special congregation act as bidah.So I and my cousin left from masjid at about 2:15am.On the way to home (walking) we were talking about such innovation/bidah.Suddently my cousin stopped by asking What is that!! shockingly.When i looked to the sky/heaven we saw a Big Bird like object (made of light) flying through sky without striking wings.We were shocked and stand there still by making duas.After about 15 or 20 minutes, we continued walking and reached home.My mother was awake as she were making hayat that night.We said the sight to my mother, she said us that my sister and my younger brother were staying(sitting) at terrace expecting to see miraculous sight if Allah wishes.We both(me and my cousin) went to terrace and asked about the sight that we both have seen.Unfotunately they didnt see that sight.We were talking about that sight at terrace, suddently a small fire like or meteor like objects passed quickly through sky.I led on the floor so that i can see the complete heaven.Again the meteor like object quickly passed through another part of the sky.After some time We ALL saw such Big bird like, light made object flying through heaven without striking the wings in different parts of the sky (we saw more than two or three from terrace).Time just passed 3:30am.Suddently a HUGE BIRD LIKE, LIGHT MADE OBJECT  flied through heaven and passed above us without striking wings (shining as tubes,   size : Huge compared to that we see earlier......Size can be define as.. divide heaven to two parts (2 halves) and take only one part.This object/bird can ALMOST fill (not completely) that one part.We were shocked and surprised at this sight and prayed to Allah.Suddenly the same sized and  same shaped object came from the same part of the sky and  followed same path behind it.These two looks same,same size,both shining like small tubes (wings are made up of many small tube like objects fitted together.We saw these both together following one another.

What do u think about it??...What was it actually??..


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