Author Topic: broken link: The black stone was proven to be a Meteorite sent from space.  (Read 5138 times)

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The below is the nasa's confirmation on black stone was proven to be a Meteorite sent from space shown in answering-christianity website. the links shown doesn't works. can anyone help me to get the updated link in nasa's website about this. so i can post this to my blog in my local language


""Stars" falling from the skies have been known since ancient times; rarely, stones are found that were tied to these "shooting stars". One such rock has been venerated by Islam (in its encased shrine in Mecca) for more than 1300 years. By the 19th Century, meteorites were identified correctly as samples from other parts of the Solar System. They are part of the nearly 500 tons of extraterrestrial rock material that reaches and enters the atmosphere each day. Most of that material is burned up by friction from the high speed of entry but meteoric dust can remain in the air and a very few individual blocks of material survive this passage to fall in the sea or on the ground as meteorites." <a href="">source[/url]

"The second city of Saudi Arabia is Mecca which contains the holiest shrine in Islam, a great plaza with a rectangular structure containing a meteorite that is considered to have fallen into the Muslim world directly from Heaven. Devout Muslims make the Hajj, a pilgrimage to this shrine required at least once in a lifetime. Here it is as seen in a Quickbird image:"  (Source)


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