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This so called 19 miracle is just NONSENSE!

If Jesus sacrificed himself to save us from hell then why he is not in hell on our place?!?! God's plan was not to crucify us but burn us in hell for eternity so Jesus FAILED to do a great sacrifice!! Does anybody got my point?

First of all who take soul is just a silly argument. If a scientist make remote control robot and send him to destroy city then who is destroying city? Scientist or robot? And I don't think the second question have value. Maybe people have asked him whether Allah is one eyed or not at that time and he said that Allah is not one eyed.

Jihad & Terrorism / Question to Christians.
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:50:52 PM »
Christians say that God punished himself because we CANNOT BEAR the punishment for our sins.
So now my question is that if God punished someone else to BE JUST because we cannot bear punishment then why God did not gave Jesus the punishment which he was about to give us? If we CANNOT BEAR the punishement then why God didnt punished Jesus with THAT PUNISHEMENT? If any Muslim got my point then please put this Question in a better way.


You should actually rejoice if non-Muslims try to disprove Islam by using it! Because the full story says that Angel Gabriel came and saved him! Now that's like the biblical Gabriel who says 'Do not be afraid".

Again, Satan tempted Jesus to jump off but angels protected him, just like Gabriel protected Prophet Muhammad! I would be glad if this narration is true bro!


May be that narration is false but still this can be used to answer those people's who's hearts are like stones which never admit these narrations are false!

Wy did angel Gabriel Grabbed and pushed prophet Muhammad soo hard and said to read?

« on: September 05, 2015, 08:10:22 AM »
No to be honest that was PARABLE, read from verse 11.

These are just general statements which we hear from IDIOT haters ALL THE TIME, don't you know that? Of course Allah is different from Christianity and Judaism's God and this only prove that Allah is true God who do not refresh or was not scared that people will build tower which will reach him! And ask him the following....

Did Jesus said EVERYONE (including Christians) will go to hell according to Mark 9:49? And see what answer he give!

And once again these are just REGULAR statements of Christians don't take them seriously I use to get angry at that but know I enjoy them as JOKE!

In Surah 39:5 ROUND earth is mentioned!!
"He  wraps  the  night  over  the  day  and  wraps the  day  over  the  night"

How can you wrap the day over night and night over day on flat earth?? Its only possible if the earth is NOT FLAT!! But still I have something more.....
Allah could have said "He make the day ENTER into night and NIGHT enter into day"
But no he did not used the word ENTER but he used WRAP which SUITS TO round earth!! And the best thing is that the original Arabic word used for wrap is "KWR" كور which means WRAPPING AROUND TURBAN or BALL SHAPED!!
You can verify the meaning of the word here

Allah used the same word in Surah 81:1 for.......
"When the Sun is WRAPPED up."

And that's a unique word for wrap which is not commonly used in Arabic, so Allah used a unique word because he knew that earth is BALL 🌏!!!

That's better than DAHAHA which DO NOT mean egg shaped!

Bukhari 5245

I was with Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) in a Ghazwa, and when we returned, I wanted to hurry, while riding a slow camel. A rider came behind me. I looked back and saw that the rider was Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) . He said (to me), "What makes you in such a hurry?" I replied, "I am newly married." He said, "Did you marry a virgin or a matron?" I replied, "(Not a virgin but) a matron." He said, "Why didn't you marry a young girl with whom you could play and who could play with you?" Then when we approached (Medina) and were going to enter (it), the Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Wait till you enter (your homes) at night (in the first part of the night) so that the ladies with unkempt hair may comb their hair, and those whose husbands have been absent (for a long time) may shave their pubic hair."

Anyways I got it, I think I was supposed to click on "New Topic" right?

Aslamu Alayikum everyone I'm new here and I don't know how to ask question here so please help me.

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