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Thank you for the help guys. What about the second part regarding judgement day ?

As in will we be resurrected on earth ? If so then :

A) Doesn't our bones disintegrate ?
B) why would we be resurrected only to die again since earth will go crazy and insane.

OR will we be resurrected and judged in Jannah with Allah ?

@Abdullah I don't need miracles. Just to confirm there aren't any errors.

@submit I see. Thank you for clarifying. So are there truly errors as they say or are they just the same washed up claims ?

My point was this dawaganda site and their study articles. Have you analysed them thoroughly to refute ? Because they seem to have a lot..

What were and have they claimed ?

In addition.. cause apparently Hamza released an embryology study which scientists bashed and he took off.

It couldn't but help make me wonder something must've been wrong..

@Osama Sorry for aggravating you i honestly am just so thankful for what you guys have done for me.

@AhmedFarooq i like your point of view. Because that's EXACTLY what happened to me. But actually,i was checking if there was any error before i indulged in religion because i lack trust and was afraid of my life being a lie. As for how i am at the moment.. there was this Embryology thing and the scientific articles on dawaganda.blogspot which has greatly worried me.. especially how an atheist managed to contact those scientists and they said things were taken out of context. Couldnt but help me wonder if there were mistakes or errors.

Have any of you guys seen those claims to prove them wrong ? I promise this would be my last time because this doubt has become an addiction.

Jazzak Allah khair.

Furthermore, didn't hamza have an article or study on embryology which was closely inspected by atheist doctors ? Cause he took it down eventually. Why ? Was it because they've proved him wrong or ?

I'm even more confused now especially after reading that Hamza T. Article which made complete sense... i never knew they knew iron came from the heavens or that egyptians predicted the moon is reflected light..

How can we shed light on a miracle if something was already known ? :(

@khdrb so far the "satanists" were just wanna be posers that lacked affection in their lives. I'm not too sure about this Furqan you mention.

As for Islam. I can't fully put my heart and soul in it if i don't believe 100%

So basically Hamza Tzortzis is implying there is not one scientific miracle in the quran ? Doesn't that necessarily.. decrease the rank of divinity in it ? Wouldn't that be more fuel to the arguement claiming our prophet (pbuh) "Plagiarised" it ? استغفر الله.

@Abdullah But wasnt the miracle considering the fact Muhammad (pbuh) didnt have a microscope and knew this ?

Why doesn't that fall under the term miracle ?

@Abdullah I live in Jabriya. Shall i pm you my number as well ? I know it's unbelievable but i always took forgien language arabic which was all

رامي يلعب في الحديقة.  Easy stuff for a good grade.

@AbdullahAlMadi yes i have brother my apologies. I just wanted to make sure there was no scientific error in the quran.

It struck a cord in me considering how embryology is such a sensitive case for us.

Although for some reason deep down I've been skeptical of the western scientists embracing islam. Have you seen the section?

And i hope this will be the last time i ever doubt anything. But there is no denying this is a serious issue

My point is theyre claiming to expose the embryology verses and the western scientists that embraced islam.

InshAllah they're wrong. There are books and such for references in the site. One in particular where it says muslims should admit the truth.

@khdrb been in english schools all my life,never showed interested in arabic until recently. Make sense ?

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