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They seem to be refuting embryology with studies  ?

I'm confused whether or not these are actual muslims !

I saw your name tagged there as well

So clearly the word Sutihat means either spread out or pressed depending on how it's spelt (which Christian fools wouldn't know with their four corner world). Maybe this could help you guys more

Guys wasn't there a verse in the quran similar to the bible saying that even if they built a tower or tree they wouldnt reach heaven ?

Also if heavens and earth were made in 6 epoch/periods. Then why do we consider our days to be 6 in our calender?
And same verses say 2nd day and 4th day. If it were truely a metaphor then why was it implied with different numbers ? Wouldnt that indicate our days ?


@Osama سبحان الله العظيم. So Sutihat really means pressed ? That's kind of unbelievable what the hell hahaha. Wow that's amazing.

Much thanks for clearing that out. Why do these Christians and jews try to bash Islam when it's literally the closest thing we have to الله ? They should be helping us as a matter of fact.

In regards to my question on judgement day ?

Now the word الأرض means Earth or land or ground or floor.

However the quran also uses many words like Sutiha / basataha and madha and maddadha.

Isn't there any flatness being involved?  What did previous commentators say and how do we know when it's referring to land and not earth not to fit our agenda ?

Also in judgement day. Will we be judged in the heavens as in our soul/body ?

Or resurrected from the ground of the earth with our dust bones? 

The second part doesn't make sense because judgement day supposedly is when the universe goes crazy. Why would الله resurrect us only to kill us again ?

And how would our dust bones and flesh come back especially on earth ?

Thank you.

@Osama Thanks but isnt the sun/stars billions of years older than the earth ? How could they be forming at the same time shouldn't one be after another ?

@Khdrb You've made the wrong assumption. I'm Egyptian/Jordanian (Palestinian) but i just live here. My arabic is not as proper as I'd like it to be and contrary to what you said. My significant other is literally one of the main reasons i even double checked Islam.

@Osama i meant in terms of chronological order. Isnt it saying the stars came after or with the earth ?

And that there were mountains already on earth when they came  willingly or unwillingly ?

I'm so sorry brother Osama the points seem rather confusing and didnt seem to answer my questions?

@Osama No I'm not a christian I'm a Muslim living in kuwait. You are right on my extremely fragile faith. But it's mainly due to the fact that somethings aren't convincing and there's some pseudoscience involved.

I won't be prejudice as I'm sure someone in the past must have dumped things here before to make you look bad but I'm not one of them. لا اله الا الله. I just get afraid ok.


Even david wood claimed to prove it.

@Abdullah Ive read it. I completely understand,however this video is about 50 minutes long so assumingly all points had to considered.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Contradiction in surah fussilat ?
« on: August 28, 2016, 09:38:31 AM »
We've established how thumma can mean moreover (I've checked for proof).

But in Surah Fussilat verses 9-12.

Isn't it implying that when the heavens and earth came together the earth already had mountains in it ?

That the stars came the same time as earth ? Same age ?

And why did it distinguish between seven heavens and samaa al dunya ? Are they supposedly the same ?

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Please refute scientific error
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:39:06 AM »
Someone please refute the scientific errors in quran by Dr. Robert Morey. It's like 50 mins long [censored]...

At first,i was curious. I found it strange that there wasn't a scientific error in the quran. I keep thinking no way. There are things ambiguous and up to الله that science can't magnify. But 1 error as Zakir said is fatal. But سبحان الله Islam wins and i lose.

Unfortunately,I'm very skeptical and question everything without moving on ( which im practicing) unless i know that there truely ISN'T a scientific  (ERROR).  Not one that can't be proven.

In terms of Islamophobes,i swear to الله i just go on YouTube to watch Vlogs and first thing that slams to my face is his video title Proving the Quran is 100% unscientific. Hence why it catches my attention.

InshAllah i will contribute more to this site as you guys have literally saved me and i apologise for coming off as whiney and insecure.

But can you really blame a man that loves his mother and wishes to see her smiling in Jannah ?

He has videos claiming proof that the quran is 100% unscientific.

I'm asking because i havent found any refutations.

@Osama I did read your article but the design of the site makes it really hard to understand cause everything is kinda all over the place.

My apologies for (BSing). I already know in proof that Dahaha clearly exists in Muajam al waseet and further ancient proof was the Poet Ibn Al-Rumi who used it in a poem.

I just wanted to know what their claim was and i was too worried to see it in my own not to shake my faith in Almighty الله. I wondered if they used science or what exactly,if nobody minds explaining.. i will contribute to the site inshAllah but it would be hard if my faith were shaken.

Thank you.

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