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As far as im concerned as a new comer,there are sites that display themselves as Islamic but are actually Anti-Islamic like dawaganda . blogspot.

These animals will literally deceive and go beyond far and great lengths to attack islam it's sad.

lol my bad i was awake for  20 hours and relied on memory haha.

youmkin 2iza katabt bel arqam a7sanli hahaha but it could confuse the other readers

@submit it's because of saqfan mahfuzan which would give the impression of a solid like roof structure being held by pillars and pieces could fall from it

(little side note the verse also says the earth could swallow us,doesn't that imply it's roundness ? Since a flat earth couldnt really do that ?

I tried looking for other tafasirs about the sky being like a protected roof but all i found was Ibn Kathir that said that the sky is like a dome.. isn't that wrong?

As for Hamza.. He does raise some valid points especially in regards to atheism and existence but for him as a philosopher to say something like (If this verse meant truly meant this then all interpreters wouldve said so) Is kind of stupid.. clearly everyone is going to have a different opinion !!! and how the hell was Ibn Kathir will all due respect supposed to know what an Ozone layer was ?

Why on earth would some translators translate it to mean DOME or CANOPY !?!?!?

Also if anyone could show me where else can i find tafasirs for this specific verse cause all i have been able to find was Ibn Kathirs version saying the sky is a dome. Doesnt that clearly give an indication to a solid roof that cant be surpassed ?


Is the Quran implying the universe has a roof and that pieces of it can fall on the earth ? 

1. The scientific fact is that the Earth’s atmosphere helps destroy meteorites as they approach Earth, filters harmful light rays, protects against the cold temperatures of space, and its Van Allen Belt acts like as a shield against the harmful radiation. The Earth’s atmosphere can be attributed as a protected roof.

2. The Qur’ān uses the words saqfan maḥfūẓan, which means a protect roof.
3. Therefore, the Qur’ān is describing the function of the Earth’s atmosphere.

 Again, the above syllogism is invalid. It doesn’t logically follow that the words saqfan maḥfūẓan, which refers to a protected roof, describes the function of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is because saqfan maḥfūẓan can also refer to a physical roof. Some interpretations of the Qur’ān include that the heaven is erected with invisible pillars, and that a fragment of the heaven or sky can fall on Earth; (see Qur’ān 13:2 and 34:9). These interpretations indicate a solid roof like structure, as confirmed by the classical exegete Ibn Kathīr who cites a scholar mentioning that “the heaven is like a dome over the earth”.[15] Therefore the words saqfan maḥfūẓan can also refer to a physical roof or dome like structure. For that reason, the above argument will only be valid if all interpretations and descriptions of saqfan maḥfūẓan describes the function of Earth’s atmosphere.

the word used in 13:2 is samawaat,shouldn't heavens be referred to as Jannah or Firdous ? If so then some proof from other surahs please.

In 34:9 Pieces of the sky implying that the sky is solid ?

link :

It's a shame that Abdullah got blocked as i wanted to share something with him and show him the link below.

^We have that dahhaha the egg-ness can be found in Mu3jam al waseet and it uses the example in the Quran.. isn't this sufficient enough ?

Now the REAL question is how can we prove that the earth is extremely similar in oblate-ness? If you go on the Science and Quran section of wikipedia (SWARMING WITH answering islam fiends and SOMETHING WE DESPERATELY HAVE TO FIX AS BILLIONS OF MUSLIMS VIEW THAT SITE FIRST !!!!!!)  They claim than an egg or ostrich egg is Prolate while the earth is slightly Oblate.

We need to take control of that area on wikipedia it shouldn't be left in the hands of non-arabic speaking christians. I'm arab and my arabic is nowhere near the quranic level.

Another real issue is how can we know that Mohammad our prophet (SaW) preached in a blanket statement that hey guys the earth we live in IS NOT flat ?

« on: September 18, 2016, 12:06:35 PM »
Wait im sorry i dont get what youre saying ?

« on: September 18, 2016, 10:48:40 AM »
The main reason being is that we're not quickly as prejudice as other people so we take the time to search for it. You know how others are in this day and age they want a quick and fast answer from a reliable looking source. Again Osama i mean 0% disrespect and I'm glad this website even exists otherwise I'd be stuck at the lowest point of my life.

« on: September 18, 2016, 10:28:40 AM »
I was personally about to ask Osama if there's anything we could do to help change the design of the site. Make it more organized or Wikipedia style based to

A) Make it easier for the reader to clarify 1 topic theyre searching for

B) Seem more professional

C) Keep up with those anti islam sites

D) By no means do i intend on any disrespect Brother Osama but sometimes I'd look for 1 simple rebuttal and the page is bombarded with other articles (again no disrespect)

E)To stick with a simple black font as opposed to several colours as they make things very confusing and tacky (makes the site come off as unreliable eventho the data can be solid) OR just add Red font to highlight an extremely important text.

F) Have a tab drop down list such as Scientific errors rebuttals/Myths/Scientific Proof/Rebuttals

G) Again I mean no disrespect but Osama people are EXTREMELY Prejudice. The second they see Illuminati or 9/11 it's a huge red flag. They just lable this whole website "whacko conspiracy theorists" eventho it has solid information. (Maybe make a tab for those theories instead of it being the first thing people see?)

H) Individual tab dropdowns for rebuttals to known sites such as wiki islam/answering and rational wiki ?

I) This one might seem over the top but if there's any way some of the guys can have more access to add more rebuttals to increase the number of articles on this site?

I know i may come off as the last person to talk but the one thing I've noticed is that people are superficial. They dont believe sites like wikiislam or answering islam for their true data. They believe it because it looks professional.

Do we have to donate a sum of cash or can this be handled without as to i don't know much about this stuff.

You guys dont think there are any highlighting points in the two refutal links to the first one ?

Here's dawkins letter to the editor of the first link proving god :

« on: September 18, 2016, 08:53:38 AM »
One last question regarding mary,I'm not meaning to attack anyone but on a logical scale how can we trust her or take her word for such a miraculous birth ? What are the odds that it was with another man ? استغفر الله but just out if curiousity.

Therefore, in the view of a skeptic or seeker of truth, the assertion that the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) could not have accessed knowledge that was implied by the Qur’ānic verses is false. This is due to the fact that the probability of Prophet (upon whom be peace) exchanging ideas and practices with other cultures is higher than the probability of the Prophet (upon whom be peace) not accessing such knowledge. Therefore a new approach is needed to overcome to this intellectual obstacle, something which I will address later."

^ Isn't that just fuelling the accusations of plagiarism??

The two are already there bro

Refutations as in the first article was for God and the other 3 including one on dawkins site were against. Were they strong arguments for the against in your opinion or were they baseless and on what sense ?

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