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« on: March 22, 2013, 02:45:15 AM »
I don't know about all that. But Zionists are most definitely manipulating global governance by controlling finances, news media, entertainment industry, etc.

ZIYAD CHAT / Re: Welcome to Ziyad Chat! :)
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:07:04 PM »
Cool. :)

Both Trump and Maher are Islam haters. Maher is a fake-liberal Zionist criminal, and Trump is just an all 'round horrible person. Both are ignorant and arrogant narcissists. They are soulless capitalist devils.

« on: March 15, 2013, 08:02:57 PM »
The rule he gives is that you can't deny the authenticity of his sources. So, how do you prove him wrong when he stipulates that proving him wrong is not allowed? The guy himself is a logical fallacy. People like him live a life of misery. He can choose to continue to be miserable, or accept Islam. If he really does have $50k to waste, he should give that to charity.

He's speaking about a post I made a while ago. 8)

When people are spreading corruption in the land, should we pretend that they are not?
I seek to either educate or eradicate these jahil criminals. Maybe I am too radical. I don't know.
There are too many devils walking on this Earth; I intend to end their reign. I cannot do it alone.
We need unity. I suppose I wanted others to share in my anger.
These enemies of Islam need to be exterminated.

I have modified my original post for you, brother. I am sad that you have mistook my intentions.
Our ummah is in misery; I do not see that changing. Not unless we change it.
Everything is as Allah wills it to be. But Allah does not will us to be blind and passive.
We are to be righteous and fair. Allahu Akbar!

« on: March 11, 2013, 09:45:25 PM »
Instead of having the words become "bad" I would advise you make it say "[censored]" because otherwise it may confuse.

Also, you can just preview to test if the word filter works. I found that it does filter out some words, but there are some common ones which you have forgotten to include. There's also something one has to watch out for, and that is when certain words contain the specified word and you end up censoring part of an innocent word.

« on: March 11, 2013, 09:34:48 PM »
I was hoping for discussion about the content of the link that I posted.

I've been polite and tried talking to these people. Most are too ignorant and just enjoy saying random foul and obscene words. There's a Sheik whom I admire that offered advice, something to the effect of: 'We wouldn't condemn an animal for behaving like an animal, and so we should just think of these people as animals'.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: The brain in a vat problem!
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:47:40 AM »
Was your original postulation a hypothetical reality in which we all would be simultaneously co-existing in? Because I'm speaking of a specific theoretical scenario of which would apply to only an individual mind.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: The brain in a vat problem!
« on: March 09, 2013, 05:47:20 AM »
Have you heard of phantom limb pain? The brain can be manipulated.

Only for Arabs?

You appear to believe Western lies. US/NATO-supported terrorists were placed in Libya to cause the ensuing injustice. They sodomized Gaddafi, the sick scumbags. As far as calling the Saudi not Muslim. I don't believe anyone should call anyone not Muslim. Atatürk was Jew, this is fact. The Saudi ancestral line were Jews, I have no knowledge of their religious practices today. It's pretty strange to claim that violation of human rights, systemic injustice and rape are Islamic ideals. I would have to strongly disagree with this.

Saddam should have been stopped before he invaded Kuwait. The U.S. and the international community gave him the green light to invade, then they claimed he shouldn't have invaded (which he shouldn't have, but they had given him their blessing), they (this time 'they' refers to Zionist Jews specifically, as well as corrupt Kuwaiti officials) made false accusation and presented lies as truth and the result of it all was significant loss of life. They claimed Iraqi soldiers where murdering babies, and they were not. They provided fake witnesses to these alleged atrocities. This later was proven to be an intentional lie to get the U.S. to invade. The U.S. did invade, and they buried alive thousands of Iraqi conscripts (men who were forced to be soldiers, or face being tortured). The history 'they' teach you is mostly lies (usually Zionists lies). One can accept whatever one wishes to be true. I endeavor for truth something similar to the concept of Mu'tazila; free and critical thought, and in-depth observation of the universe.

I watched the YouTube clip, but it doesn't disprove the unbiased historical facts which have been clearly established.

But it's all peace and love, brother. Much love and respect to you all. There is a war going on, and has been for a long time. They desire to divide us in order to conquer us. They are largely successful in doing this.

No. Iran is one of the few fighting against America and the Zionists.

As for the oil, they didn't take it with force. They put sanctions on Iranian oil, and caused mass strikes of the workers, etc. So Iran was forced to sell the rights to it because by that point they were losing money so it made sense, but they were unaware of the scheming behind the scenes at the time.

Today, Iran is a threat to the schemers, which is why they want to limit Iran's power. Iran deserves the right to have nuclear weapons, even though I don't like nukes. The fact is that Israel has been stockpiling nukes for decades now, and they are far more dangerous.

Israel doesn't even abide by international laws, and doesn't allow any inspection of their nukes. They are a rogue state. Iran needs nukes, not to use them against Israel, but to deter Israel from using nukes against them. If a war does occur, Iran having nukes will be what stops the U.S. and the Zionists using their nukes, for fear of retaliation, so it is a good thing, as is Iran's relationship with Russia and Syria and others. But the Americans and the Zionists want to break apart these relationships, just like they have done throughout modern history.

You and I seem to be concerned about the same thing. As for Saddam, no one's saying he was a good person. The criticism should go to all who cause mayhem and misery. If your house is on fire, you don't try to extinguish it with a flame thrower. That would be making matters worse. Which is what has been done. As for Assad, once again, I would like to see him gone, but not how it is being done. Your willingness to believe the media portrayal of the war frightens me.

Watch this young lady's videos.

Atatürk pretended to be Muslim and to have the ummah's best interest at heart, but it's a verified fact that he was secretly a Jew, both ethnically and religiously. He was a Zionist and a Freemason, and he aimed to destroy Islam. He banned the practice of Islam, he made the Fez and the Hijab illegal, he ordered the destruction of all printing presses that used Arabic, he switched the national alphabet from Arabic to Latin. He did all this to try and remove Islam. When he went to Jerusalem, he entered a tavern and got drunk (Muslims don't drink, but he wasn't a real Muslim), then he sang Hebrew religious songs, and told his secrets openly there also.

In 1953 and again in 1979, the CIA orchestrated the overthrowing of Iran's government. The overthrow in '79 resulted in America taking control of Iran's oil fields, and then dividing them up and selling them to 5 different American corporations. Now they're trying to start a war with Iran now. Because Israel wants it.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, etc all do as America tells them. Those with oil and other resources sell exclusively to the Americans at a low price and keep the transactions in U.S. dollars, and everyone is happy. They allow the U.S. to use their nation as a military base. They basically let America do what ever they want, and do nothing to help the Palestinians either. Some are worse than others, and some don't always let the Americans walk all over them, like Egypt for example, and Pakistan. They both accommodate the U.S. but are not so friendly like the others. Lebanon, Syria, and Iran have maintained integrity.

Saddam wanted to change from U.S. dollars to Euros. He also wanted to start selling to Europe more, and increase the prices. America didn't like this, so they went to war with Iraq, making up lies as to why they were there. They were there to kill Saddam and take control of the nation, which they have now done. Gaddafi was aware of what they had been doing, and he tried to gather support from other world leaders, like Castro from Cuba, Chavez from Argentina, Putin from Russia, Ahmadinejad from Iran, Assad from Syria, Mubarak from Egypt and others. He addressed the United Nations, he was trying to warn people. He planned on making a pan-African Gold Dinar to replace their use of the U.S. dollar. This would mean the African nations would begin to get themselves together and decrease the U.S. and Europe's control over them. The U.S. and NATO did not like this, because they want to keep exploiting the poor countries, so the U.S. sent in al-Qae'da (which was created by the CIA) to pretend to be Libyans rising up against Gaddafi, but they were just mercenaries, and they were there to kill Gaddafi, just like they did Saddam. They also hijacked the revolution in Egypt, which was the only legit one, the rest of the 'Arab Spring' has been CIA covert operations to get rid of anyone who doesn't do as they want. This is what they are doing in Syria. It's important to understand that even though we may hate leaders like Assad and want to see them gone, the American replacements will be far worse. The Iraqis hated Saddam, but they cried in the streets wishing that they could go back to when he ruled over them, because the Americans are worse.

So, playing the American's game, is like Saudi Arabia does, and Yemen does, and Kuwait does, etc. Not playing their game is what Saddam did, it's what Gaddafi did, it's what Mubarak did, it's what Assad did, etc. If you don't do as they want, they will kill you or force you into hiding. The point is that the United States and it's allies, most of Western and Central Europe, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Basically the white European people who colonized the world, and are now colonizing again, but this time it's corporations, and they're not so obvious with their tactics. This is the capitalist philosophy. Exploit your fellow man for your own benefit. This is why I consider them my enemy. I do not want others to suffer so that I can be happy. Western culture typically doesn't care about human suffering. There is a long history, and certain complexities with a not so clear line between good and evil, but I think this will do for now, a lot of it requires more explanations but I hope you understand. The Muslim ummah are good people, but their governments are not. And any time there is a government looking out for their people, trying to do the right thing, America will come along to kill and replace them.

The House of Saud are crypto-Jews. So are the surrounding influential families. As I said, the Donmeh were Turkic Jews, obviously. These specific families I speak of can all be traced back to Mesopotamia. They are deceivers whether you believe it or not doesn't alter the reality.

DrShaFi, are you a Saudi?

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