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Re: Racism Among The Muslims.
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Racism was banned by our Prophet (PBUH) 1400 years ago. Muhammad (PBUH) said in his fare-well speech:

 ''Remember, all Muslims are equal irrespective of land, colour, tribe and community. Right from this day tribal superiority is obliterated. The only yardstick of superiority is Taqwa (Fear of Allah) and good deeds. The most excellent person is he who acquires it by means of noble deeds."

 Again Muhammad (PBUH) said in the fare-well speech:

   [''Behave decently with both the male and female salves. Feed and dress them as you feed and dress yourselves. If any of them commits any unpardonable crime, set him or her free, but you shall not maltreat them. For, they too are human beings identical with you, very much Allah's creation. All Muslims are brothers into one another and you are tied into a common brotherhood."

 Its clear from the above sayings of Muhammad (PBUH) that ''Racism'' was banned 1400 years ago. 

 And, I didn't attempt to speak in favour of the Persian race. I said,inspite of being a decsendent of the Persian race I'm not ashamed to admit that there is racism amongst us also. Compared to so called Persian race and so called Arab race in the Gulf countries, I think that the Muslims from Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Iraq are much much more gentle. And many Arab Muslims from the Western countries are also very friendly and gentle. I have witnessed this. Not only me, many think the same.  One of my unlce's  wife is a Syrian and she is very very gentle and friendly to us. I believe one day the mentality of the  Persians and the Muslims from the Gulf countires will change. Infact it has alraedy started. I think the main reason for such arrogancy is their arrogant and Munafiq Sheikhs.

 May Allah grant us Hidayah. Ameen.


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