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« on: June 03, 2015, 07:17:05 AM »
Question posted by TG12345(Male Christian)

A breif introduction
"And remember when He made you successors after Aad and settled you in the land, and you take for yourselves palaces from its plains and carve from the mountains, homes. Then remember the favors of God and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption."

—Qur'an, Surah 7 (Al-A'raf)

According to Ibn Khatir(RA):
Thamud came after `Ad. They dwelled between the area of the Hijaz (Western Arabia) and Ash-Sham (Greater Syria).

"According to several passages in the Qur’an, the site was already inhabited in the third millennium BC by the Thamudic tribes. Lihyanite, Minaic and Thamudic inscriptions which have been found on the site, are evidence for an occupation in the first millennium BC."

Now we know for sure that Thamud existed as a civilization before the 8th century BC, but the majority of the vestiges within the Al Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia date from the Nabatean kingdom (1st century AD). Thamud also cannot be equated with the Edomites (the predecessors of Nabataeans) at Petra. Saleh(PBUH) was born before Abraham and the Edomites were a Semitic race.

But Ibn Umar narrated that while the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was passing by Thamud's houses on his way to the battle of Tabuk, he stopped together with the people there. the people fetched water from the wells from which the people of Thamud used to drink. They prepared their dough (for baking) and filled their water skins from it (the water from the wells). The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) ordered them to empty the water skins and give the prepared dough to the camels. Then he went away with them until they stopped at the well from which the she camel (of Salih) used to drink. He warned them against entering upon the people that had been punished, saying "I fear that you may be affected by what afflicted them; so do no enter upon them."

So where are those sites that Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) referred to in the above hadith? And if they are completely destroyed then why would the mountain-carved homes of the Thamud be completely annihilated, yet the mountain-carved tombs of the Nabataeans still remain in place?


Why do scholars like Ibn Kathir and Yusuf Ali claim that they are around at Madain Saleh? Could this be true that Edomites and then Nabataeans were the later generations of Thamud people?
Art of carving houses out of the rocks started with the Thamud, and thousands of years later, in the second and first centuries B.C., it was considerably developed by the Nabataeans? If the sites related to Thamud were in an advanced state of decay(7:78 Whereupon the earthquake overtook them, and so they lay prostrate in their own homes.) in the time of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH), is it plausible
they were completely destroyed( couple of earthquakes and a storm or two) in a few centuries after?

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