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Assalam alikum are the houris the believing world of this world this was the view of Muhammad asad and hasan al basri I was wondering what you think jazzakallah

« on: October 03, 2017, 08:53:06 PM »
Assalam alikum when allah says he will put a Khalifa on earth what is us does this include that women are Khalifas as well that women are repersentives  jazzakallah

« on: October 02, 2017, 10:19:11 AM »
Assalam alikum I'm studying arabic and I've come across this verse 55:72 (madions restrained in the tents) now my question is what does this verse mean by restrained does it mean

1. There can never come out like a prison and if yes doesn't that mean the women believers of this world will be the same so doesn't that mean a mother and daughter of 2 female friends who get to jannah they will never get to see each other or have a feast like the men will because the verse 55:70 (good ones deep inside the gardens) mean the women believers are hidden so it makes it sound like women can't see there female relatives or friends only the men can and only the men can explore jannah and have feasts together on thrones and the women believers only have there husbands and male relatives and stay inside there tents or houses for ever and can never come out

Or 2. Does it just mean they just belong too there husbands

Or 3. There reserved like a present

Or 4. It is symbolic meaning there restrained meaning modest

Or 5. There just put aside in tents

Or 6. A symbolic way of saying you have to go get them

Or 7. A symbolic way of saying there waiting for you

Or 8. There just in the tents that there places waiting not that they can't come out

Whitch one do you think is right because these are the diffrent interpretations because it makes it sound like 1. That there a prison they can't see there female relatives or friends jazzakallah but that sounds wrong that men can see there friends and relatives but women can only see there husbands and male relatives but not female or maybe only husbands so women only see them and not male relatives  like a mother can't see there father or son

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