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POLITICS & RELIGION / Muhammad in greek in John of Damascus
« on: November 03, 2022, 10:03:35 AM »
Assalamualaikum,Is there anyone who read John of Damascus's writing in greek? Well, I know I may be thinking too much but I read an article where it say something very uncomfortable things like:"Muhammad" lived in mecca as islami tradition say but he is author of early mecca sura on the other hand "Mamed "mentioned by John of Damascus and others is another one who authored medinan sura.I don't understand how he came to that conclusion cause I stopped reading as it's clearly anti islamic but it's bothering me.I have read than in a greek arabic papyri Muhammad mentioned as "MAAMET" in greek,so is there any significant change if later people call him as Mamed?

At first, there was  Cook,Crone and Wansbourg who questioned the authenticity of Quran,hadith and tradition , before them there were also some people who were calld orientalist scholar but none of them were so hypocrites that they tried to change quranic arabic to eastern syriac, but now after Christopher Luxemberg, this type of practice is happening so much as if they are trying to establish that Islam is totally false.And this is very easy for them to do as they want as quranic script was without vowel,without point etc.So they have excuse at hand.Without point ba,ta,sa,nun are all alike,ain and gain alike. There were only 18 alphabet at first in arabic that were distinctable and for in middle only 15 were distinctable,so we don't have proof other than saying that quran were memorized by thousand people, can we go to past?answer is no,so we cant give them any proof that quran was memorized by thousands of people in the past and form the very beganing. Allah had warned us not to sell his book for cheap price but what we did?Now non muslims are playing with quran,my question is if oneday they (this scholars who call themselves languistic)distrot quran to a certain extant that it matches many places with Christian practices and hymns, how will we muslims keep our iman?If they say: look it's the real quran and you guys were reading wrong quran all this days,look it's meaning is better than arabic what will we do at that time?Help me please, struggling with my faith.

I went to Wikipedia, even there Muhammad myth theory have more emphasis than he truly exist.Though a majority of scholar believe that Muhammad exist but Internet is full of myth theory, so you should do something to debunk this,I have found some clue.I can help you with some coin pic to debunk this.Please contact me if you are interested.

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