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Seems like the traditional interpretation of Paul's writings or his followers writings in the passage Romans 13 still remains valid in 21st century. When Christian nations (e.g. USA, Russia) wage unpeaceful wars and to justify their act of bombarding cities and settlements. They will cite the passage Romans 13.

As for normal citizens who are not part of the military, they will choose to live in peace instead.


What we can see here from the image is the belief of Roman Christians during the Council of Nicae era (early 4th century) depicted through the sculptures on the coffin. The sculptures resonate the stories from passages about Jesus during the Nicene period after selecting the canonical or sacred scriptures which is true to the Nicae decree.

It is interesting to note that one of the ancient roman God (Ariel) is used to depict angels or loving creature in show in the sculptures.

The Roman Christians interpreted that God are of 3 divine men of equal status. God the Spirit. God the Father. God the Logos (before manifesting as infant Jesus inside the womb) as shown in the sculptures. This is most probably due to their encounter with the so called 'Old' Testament stating that Adam was created from the image of God. With such custom belief for a millennia that that ancient Gods were human looking, they easily interpreted the verse from the passage likewise to what they were accustom with.

If we look at Adam's figure  (in 1st image). Its exactly sculptured like that of God the Father minus the beard. Which means the genital in between Adam's thigh which is covered by the leaf (refer image) too was inherited from God the Father. Christians may perceive that the function of such bodily part shall be dissimilar for divine men as opposed to created men.

Image of Ancient Roman Gods Prometheus sculpturing man. Athena breathe in soul. (3rd century scuplture)

For ancient Romans, having a new belief in Christianity or accepting doctrine of 3 male looking Gods in one equal stature regarded as the one creator of mankind would be not much of a reform to their culture en masses. Afterall, its still the same male God with male beard, wearing clothing that created mankind.

The teaching of Christianity of having men looking Gods made the religion to be acceptable to the standard of ancient Romans of that era.

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