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Title: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: Introvert98 on June 18, 2016, 10:18:41 PM
This man quotes hadith which he says areas proof that the black stone is a sexual symbol of worship wheb quraysh walked around the kabba naked

Apparentlyhhe uses sahih al Bukhari 6819 and sahih Muslim 2141
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: Introvert98 on June 18, 2016, 10:22:30 PM
Those hadith were written in Arabic in the video and are regarding thekkabba. I think his name of Christian Prince
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: Introvert98 on June 18, 2016, 10:31:11 PM

Islam, a wild donkey of the black pope!‎ > ‎
Origins of Islam: Godess Allat
Origins of Islam: its matriarchal pagan roots

Today, archaeological excavations are virtually banned in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding semito-egyptian (Khemet) Elah'im - The Allah'umma-(اللَّهُمَّ) >the "Ummu" and "Allah"
So Allahuma is The Mother or God is The Mother
mother-"Ummu" : أم
father - "Abbi": أب

The arrival of patriarchy in Saudi

Patriarchy moved gradually by the war from the fourth millennium BC. The ancient matriarchal goddesses were conquered and assimilated by the new patriarchal gods (Olympians, Nordic Aesir ...) originating in Middle East (Sumer). He had to be the same with the Arab matriarchal deities ( Allat, Uzza, Manat ), conquered and assimilated by the new conquerors gods (Hu-Baal), probably from Babylon. According to the different types of pre-Islamic Arab marriages , the patriarcalisation of Saudi began long before Islam.

Jerusalem, the first direction of the Islamic prayer

Mecca was the largest in the Arabian Peninsula pre-Islamic shrine. Originally, the city was not the center of the Muslim religion, believers turned to Jerusalem. The direction of prayer (the kiblah ) meets very strict rules laid down by Mohammed in the Koran. At first, kiblah corresponds to the direction of Jerusalem (s.2, v.36), to satisfy the converted original Jewish or Christian. Then, in order to establish his authority while definitely simply the mass of the new Gentile believers, the kiblah turns to Mecca, Mecca Millennium pagan. The veneration of the stone was an opportunity for Mohammed to bring him to the Gentiles.

The three goddesses of Mecca

In Mecca (مكة) before Islam, the Quraish tribe (قريش) worshiped a triad of three female deities, it is Allat (اللآت), al-'Uzza (العزة) and Manat (مناة) They cited their names during their tours (الطواف) around the Ka'ba (الكعبة). According to Ibn al-Kalbi, the Quraysh were wont to do around the Ka'aba saying . "In the name of Allat, of ʿ Uzza and Manat the third idol, they are actually" al-gharānīq "( Women top condition) which must be sought intercession. " Like today, pilgrims shaved their heads.

Hubal, the new father-god goddesses

While for the Nabateans (Petra, Jordan), Allat was the mother of all gods, the other Arabs, Allat, al-'Uzza and Manat were the daughters of Allah (الله جل جلاله) and were intermediate between God and man for his blessings. Allah ( the god- ) is the title of the moon god Sin-Hubal (Baal) patch late in Mesopotamia in the Arab pantheon, he dominated thereafter to Mecca. This god, little temples, representations, and written records have survived until today. The word Allah predates Islam as the father of Muhammad Abd 'Allah calls himself, ie, "the servant of God."

The Kaaba, temple of the goddess Allat

Kaaba cube mean in Arabic, but the Kaaba itself is the old "Kaabou" , the Greek word for 'girl' , and refers to the goddess Astarte , that is to say Aphrodite in Greek mythology is the Roman Venus and al-'Uzza (العزى) Arabs considered the goddess of fertility. The ancient chroniclers before the advent of Islam ( jahilya the era of ignorance ), there were 24 ka'bas in the Arabian Peninsula, but that of Mecca was worshiped by all tribes. According to the Saudi research, there were many in the region Ka'bas (Tawāghīt) each dedicated to a deity, to which the faithful made specific days to perform rituals including among others a circular stroll and sacrifices. The most important seem to have been ka'abas goddesses Allat Taif, to Nakhlah of Uzza and Manat near Qudayd.

The priestesses Allat

It was celebrated by seven naked priestesses who gravitated seven times around the stone, once for each planet (Sun / Moon / March / Mercury / Venus / Jupiter / Saturn). To date, the men guarding the Kaaba are still known as " son of the Old Woman, " "son of Saba" in Arabic "Beni Shaybah" . The goddess Allat had a nickname, or another title, Saba pronounced Shaybah meaning midwife , or, "The wisdom of the old" . Before Islam, the guardians of the shrine were priestesses called "Bathi Sheba" , "girls of the Old Wise Woman." Bathsheba, "daughter of Sheba" means, ' 'priestess of the house of Sheba " . Muslims kept the cubic shrine and walk around again, as we did at the time when the Goddess was worshiped.

Ramadan, the pregnancy Allat?

The Muslim calendar or Hijri ( Hijri ) is a lunar calendar based on a year of 12 lunar months of 29 to 30 days each (to be precise: 29.53059 solar days). A Hijri year is shorter than a Gregorian year by about eleven days. Pagans often made the connection between lunar cycles and female menstrual cycles of similar duration.

Also spelled Ramadan Ramadan or Ramazan (Arabic: رمضان or Ramaḍān) is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During this month, adult Muslims do not eat, do not drink and do not maintain sexual relations until the moon is not visible. The beginning is based on the observation of the first visible crescent after the new moon.

Is it possible that the ninth month of Ramadan corresponds to the ninth month of pregnancy the mother goddess Allat? The end of Ramadan feast then celebrate the birth of the goddess. While fasting, it would then be possible to eat and copulate in the presence of the moon, that is to say Allat.

The worship of stones

Worship a stone is typically pagan. We call these divine stones béthyle (Hebrew Bethel "sacred stone"), and is a classic polytheistic practice of antiquity. The stone of the Kaaba is no exception to this rule. This stone was in fact the subject of pre-Islamic worship. The pre-Islamic worship stones can be compared to lithic betyles cults that were prevalent throughout the Middle East from the remotest antiquity. Indeed this worship a stone is not isolated in antiquity include the black stone of Emesa which Elagabalus was the high priest before becoming Roman Emperor, the black stone Dusares in Petra, and c is in the form of a sacred stone in 204 BC as Cybele, the Phrygian mother goddess Pessinus enters Rome. In many Eastern cities, sacred stones are the object of veneration, like Artemis of Sardis or Astarte Paphos. Saudi was not an exception, because the worship of stones was ubiquitous in pre-Islamic society. For example, "red stone" was the god of the Arab town south of Ghaiman, or "white stone" in the Kaaba of al-Abalat (near the city of Tabala, south of Mecca).

The black stone, vulva Allat?

Many Westerners, especially midwives, found that the setting of the black stone at the corner of the Kaaba, was a form of vulva, with a baby's head coming out. The word Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca) is derived from " Hack "which means friction in Arabic because there was a pagan ritual in which women rubbed their genitals on the black stone hoping to increase their fertility. (Dr . Jawad Ali in his book "History of the Arabs before Islam" part 5, page 223). She smeared the stone with the menstrual blood and turned around naked.

A relic of phallic worship in Mecca?

The Stoning of Satan (Arabic: رمي الجمرات, Ramy al-Jamarat meaning "start [Stone] on target [pillars]" ) is practiced by Muslims during their pilgrimage (ceremony Hajj ), in which they throw stones, they have collected during an earlier phase of the pilgrimage on three rocks symbolizing the devil. This ritual takes place on the third day of the pilgrimage at Mina in Saudi Arabia, 5 km east of Mecca. The three pillars of stone (small, medium and large) were replaced by the Saudi authorities in 2006 by three stone walls, to prevent accidents. If the setting of the Black Stone of the Kaaba is irretrievably think of a vagina, the three pillars appear to represent the phallus, which confirms that Mecca was a pagan shrine dedicated to fertility cults.

Sufism pre-Islamic matriarchal cult?

According to some authors, the Sufis have tried to maintain the cult of Fatima, but they were forced to hide behind code words, since Sufism is part of Islam. In fact, worship the sacred feminine is punishable by death, even today in Islamic countries.

The Jewish roots of Islam

Islamic practices ( halal meat sacrificed, not pork, circumcision, sailing, stoning taboo of menstruation ... ) seem totally incompatible with a semi-matriarchal pagan Arab society worshiping mother goddesses, and seem of Jewish origin.

Pre-islamic Goddesses in Arabic peninsula : Uzza, Allat, Menat. They are 3 celestial bodies. The moon decrescent one is the wisdom of age (Menat). The first one is Venus, morning star (Uzza). And the strong mother one is the Sun (Allat). 

Dea Alilat
an unexpected and possibly unintentional aretology of the Goddess under the heading of Astarte in a mythological dictionary compiled in the 1500s by John Selden 


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Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: Introvert98 on June 18, 2016, 10:48:37 PM
Also apparently according this history this is what Bahira the monk said

Oh boy I ask you something in the name of al laat and ul uzza, you should not refrain from what I ask

Kitab al tabaqat al kabir(the book of major classes)
by Muhammad in Sa'd(784-845) Volume  1, parts 1.40.10
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: khdrb on June 19, 2016, 07:12:51 AM
Allahum (اللهم) is the Plural of respect to the singular Allah, just like Elohim plural of respect to the singular Elaoh. mentioned 5 times in the Quran. we use it for asking directly from the only god.

this shape of what contain the glued broken pieces of the black stone been added later . it's based on people intentions of seeing it, if they see it as a .... shape , it's their mind not mine. it's been added later just like the political sign moon crescent by the ottoman empire .

Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: submit on June 19, 2016, 10:44:46 AM
if you look at the title of video, the video maker used the word vagina and use sex theme in his video. What inspired him to do so? It was because of holy spirit that inspired the video maker is a sexually-drived spirit as proved in the Greek scripture mentioning that the holy spirit was sexually responsible to make Mary conceived. Thus enabling the child to have the title son of God.


As for black stone, the black stone was not worshiped as it does not have sculptured form that resemble something to that of a deity.

Hence it was absolutely not worthy to be worshiped as an idol due to its physical appearance looking weak and unsculptured. And the stone not being able to stand by itself if it were to be compared among hundreds of other idols standing around Ka'ba.

As to why people kissed the Kaaba stone,

"A man asked Ibn Umar about touching the Black Stone and he said: 'I saw the Messenger of Allah touching it and kissing it.' The man said: 'What if it is too crowded and I am overwhelmed?' Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, said: 'Leave your "what if" in Yemen! I saw the Messenger of Allah touching it and kissing it.'"

So if we were to ask why the prophet do it, the companions might have reply something similar "Leave your why the prophet do it."

But if it also not harmful to guess why the prophet do it,
The Messenger of Allah said: "The Black Stone descended from the Paradise, and it was more white than milk, then it was blackened by the sins of the children of Adam."

Since the stone is of paradise material, so that might be the reason to kiss it.

Allah have no resemblance on earth. So they cant relate it to idols of either godess or gods of polytheists.
The author use phrase pagan Allah/ pagan moon god. but the author do not know concepts of manifestation of god in human form, God with son came from Hellenistics pagan root. And

As pagan god have resemblance on earth or sculptured form of that god made on earth. Thus again making Hellenistic Christianity fitting the claim of having pagan roots in their religion.

Bahira a syriac monk who met boy/teen Muhammad (pbuh) who was intrigued as clouds followed the boy.
As for Prophethood and Revelations onto prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was when he is 40 years old.
And by the way, Monk and monastery are known to belief in God that manifest in many forms on earth similar to Hellenistic Christianity.

As for pre-islamic Arab being nude. Upon the spread of Islam onto Arabia, they are no longer nude or naturalist-minded. Islam is light that give guidance onto the ignorants.

Last but not least, Western nations abandon righteous Christian ethics. for e.g Look at the dressings of Western/Eastern European women of the past. some even wore head coverings and cover their whole body. But now, their whole nation is close to appear nude and permits nudity.
Proving that the religion of Hellenistic Christianity is not the Light to guide mankind.

Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: QuranSearchCom on June 20, 2016, 01:46:14 PM
This man quotes hadith which he says areas proof that the black stone is a sexual symbol of worship wheb quraysh walked around the kabba naked

Apparentlyhhe uses sahih al Bukhari 6819 and sahih Muslim 2141

As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

First of all, visit the following link to see the Bible's Holy Black Stones.  They were even anointed with olive oil:

The Zionists in Saudi Arabia, - whether they are at the top of the government, or the government is Muslim but ignorant of what the lower Zionists are doing, - have done a number of things to insult Islam:

1-  They placed satan's obelisk on Mouth Arafat:

See these amazing images:

2-  They built the container that holds the remaining pieces of the black stone in the shape of a vagina.  There was no original container, and nothing that ever held it looked like a vagina.  This is a modern-day design to make a fool out of Muslims, just like placing satan's obelisk on Mount Arafat.

3-  There are many zionist symbols in Saudi Arabia on an official level:

4-  Like the Prophet Muhamad said: The Horn of Satan will come from Saudi Arabia:

Some rotten salafies today lie and say that Najd is Iraq.  Iraq had always been known as Iraq.  Iraq was never referred to as the region of Najd.  Najd had always been known to be in modern-day Saudi Arabia.  More discussion on this here:

Saudi Arabia is a criminal for dumbing down and corrupting Islam.  Islam is mocked everyday due to their mass ignorance and their government's Zionist lies.  The people need to wake up and clean up Mecca!  And flush wahabism down the toilet while they're at it.  For ample more details, visit:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: khdrb on June 20, 2016, 03:02:08 PM
i don't feel the spiritual feeling in umra and the flew of the positive energy anymore after placing that big bin in mecca.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: khdrb on June 20, 2016, 03:02:47 PM
either you can hear nothing about the black stone in the quran.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 07:26:04 PM
Yes indeed ibn saud family and the salafis/wahabbis have had a huge role to play  in zionist infiltration of the muslim ummah.

First of, i am on a phone so it will be difficult to give references so i will provide my finding later. I have come accross some very disturbing information through research, of how the illuminati zionist have affected the muslim ummah and certain teachings through the salafis.

Before going into salafism, i will explain how saudi arabia of today is a creation of the zionist illuminati cabbala family the Rothschild. In 18th century britian and other EU allies wanted to crush ottoman empire but realized the complexity of how well the quran was perseved they evently met a man nammed abdul aziz ibn saud who asked for support from them and the international bankrrs the Rothschild family, more closily Nathan Rothschild. They funded ibn saud and provided support through cooperation they systemactially through espionage and introducing alcohol and other harm means separated and conquered ottoman empire. In exchange ibn saud gave palestine to Rothschild family, which is why israel is known also as state of Rothschild, those who know what happened. Then to support the zionist cause further a radical scholar by the name of muhammad al-wahhab started the salafist movement they also created the early ISIS that were known by the name Ihram. They butchered ottomans of every religion even muslims which they claimed to be apostate like what ISIS is doing today.

I recently came to an article that makes the connection of muhammad al-wahhab to being a crypto-jew who supposedly had connection to the crypto-jews the Donmeh of turkey.

Donmeh was a very group of heretic jews who converted to islam but secretly practiced there heretic judaism while in public masquarading as muslims. There leader the founder of the Cabbala the satanic jewish heretic teaching  Sabbatean Sevi who had millions of followers was forced to convert to islam by sultan mehmet II. Also the same source i found says that sabbatean sevi started sufism but i am not sure how much is that reliable.

Now keeping that in mind i will show the connections of these individuals with illuminati also known to us muslims dajjal system.

Sabbastean sevi started Cabbala the mystic jewish heresy, jacob  frank who self proclaimed to be successor to sabbastean sevi started the satanic frankist movement in EU he believed that the messiah will come when world has become all good or all evil for the messiah will come to correct the world and since he believed not everyone can be a saint let everyone become a sinner. A man by the name weisht (i forgot his surname) started illuminati with support of the international bankers rothschild family, illuminati was created to counter and destroy the catholic church and christianity all together they bought the christian guilds Masonries and turned them into Freemasonry.

Rothschild family has inhereted all of these things they both have the Cabbala religion and inhereted illuminati. Rothschild is among the 13 bloodline families of illuminati. They own world bank, control US and EU federal reserves and own 80percent of worlds gold. They are systematically replacing tangible currency with credit.

So yes, the saudi family officals are puppets. Both turkey and saudi arabia are trators to the ummah. Rothschild origin also start at turkey. There are very few real jews in the world, most are satanists.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 07:40:27 PM

Srry the early isis was called Ikhwan not Ihram, i got that term mixed up.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: AhmadFarooq on June 20, 2016, 09:17:00 PM
I don't think we should speak ill of the term "Salafi" or the "Salafists", people who in today's times call themselves "Salafists" might be wrong people; but not those who strive to become "Salafists".

Regarding, the allegations against Muhammad Ibn-Saud and Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab; the people who call themselves "Salafists" and "Wahabbis" have also given their own counter-arguments, it would be un-scholarly to not go through them at-least once. For if we expect non-Muslims to not believe everything they learn about Islam over the internet, why should our behaviour be any different when it comes to other Muslims?

Aren't "Ikhwan" the Muslim brotherhood from Egypt?
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 09:27:09 PM
There are those who are common wahabbis and those who are the actually salafis of muhammad al-wahhab. I know a wahhabi family there kind and are some of the best people i know. But i am talking about those with connection with the ibn saud family.

Yes it is the muslim brotherhood that was created by the ibn sauds.

I will post my findings later i hope u can take a look at them and let me know.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 09:34:40 PM
Brief history of wahabbism and ISIS

How the Rothschild used Ibn Saud family to divide and conquer
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: AhmadFarooq on June 20, 2016, 10:06:37 PM
Can't really comment on the Rothschild issue, don't know what the Saudis say in response to that.

But regarding the matter of Wahabism and Daesh, I have come across such reports a number of times. The "Salafis" argue that this and many other things were fabricated lies against Muhammad Ibn-Saud and Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab.

While I don't have much reason to believe either story, there is one fact that does give legitimacy (to at-least a small part) of the Saudi argument. From what I have studied of these terrorist groups, they have two most significant foundations which are used to justify their actions.

One is the creation and enforcement of a Khilafah on the whole world, even on peaceful non-Muslims. They consider this as a part of Deen or a responsibility from God to fight until this becomes a reality.

Second is the concept that all Muslims who are not actively striving for the creation of a Khilafah are sinners (or have even become apostates), and until they do not strive for the cause they will remain as sinners/apostates. Their doctrine says that, leaders of Muslims nations are on the payroll of Western governments and now it is a duty of all Muslim populations to rise up, violently fight against their governments and overthrow them, so that the first steps for the creation of a global Khilafah can be taken.

Daesh and Tehrik Taliban Pakistan follow this ideology. Hizb-ut-Tahrir might not be a terrorist organization but apparently a significant portion of them believes in this doctrine too. Al-Qaeda, on the other hand, are for the most part concerned with Western targets than overthrowing Muslim governments.

The first point might possibly be a part of Wahabbi ideology too (don't know enough to comment on this) but the second point is definitely problematic. The factor in Wahabbi interpretation of Islam that is most contradictory with the terrorist ideology, is the concept that the Muslim populations do not have the right to rise-up against their rulers even if they oppress them. This fact is obvious in their societies.

The Wahabbis argue that they come to this conclusion because of Hadiths of the Prophet regarding this matter. This opinion was held by Ibn Taymiah and later following in Taymiah's footsteps by Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab too.

These "Salafis" blame (1) the Pakistan scholar Syed Ala' Maudoodi, who was instrumental in the creation of the concept that it is the responsibility of Muslims to "Aqeem-ud-Deen" i.e. "establish" religion over the world, and (2) Sayyid Qutb, a leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, who apparently was instrumental in the evolution of Maudoodi's interpretation into the shape that it exists today among the terrorists.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 10:07:53 PM
Memoir of Mr. Hemphir , suggests that the british spy mr. Hemphir met up with al-wahhab and conspiricised with him to create this radical sect.

This memoir was labelled by western agencies of being a fabrication. Which as we know is the same claim they always use to divert people from truth. The same was also said about the Protocol of Learnt Elders of Zion which shows the early planning of the jewish conspirators in gaining dominancy in world. On its own it could be flagged as 1 but if you know about talmud the oral laws of rabbis then you will know. That how much that the satanic jews worked to dominate the world. The real jews follow only the torah not the talmud.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 11:09:07 PM
The creation of saudi arabia was a policy of proxy wars under the british imperalism. This source points out some academic sources tht bring insight to the relations of the british imperalists and ibn saud.
Title: Re: Reffutal needed regarding kabba stones
Post by: adilriaz123 on June 20, 2016, 11:14:10 PM
Memoir of mr. Hempher:

As we can see these tactics are continued to used against us muslims even today. Amd among the last tactics was to erouse doughts regards the quran and hadith. I believe that these tactics are today even used my intelligence agencies to spread many different means of propaganda against muslims and islam.