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Title: Claims against this website
Post by: Zakir on January 26, 2018, 07:25:45 PM
I found these all in articles:
1) "I come across more and more individual Christians and even Muslims who now warn against accessing the website of Osama Abdallah 'Answering-Christianity'.

Some of these raise the concern after suspecting that their computers caught something after having surfed around on the website.

I have to admit that the computer I used late last year did not receive a warning from MacFee in the month of July. However, having said that, others claim still to receive warnings from virus security systems when accessing.

In recent months a number of Christian websites dealing with the religion of Islam have been hacked into and destroyed. Even a number of missionaries have experienced attacks on their own computers.

It seems that the dialogue and debate with islam online has turned into a cyber war.

In fact a number of sources have revealed that a number of well-trained Islamic internet terrorist teams are operating continueally to supress the Christian witness and response online.

The suspicion that Osama Abdallah and his website are included into this sort of internet-Jihad is not to be taken lightly; the warning of internet virsus protection systems are sufficient reason to raise the warning. Furthermore, Osama contiunally invites Christians to enter his website to check out his articles.

I you intend to do so, remember that you have been warned. When you do so, you may expose yourself to Osama and those who co-operate with him. If you are a Christian missionary or debater, you may reveal your personal data, address, phone-number, possibly bank details, etc.

This has already lead to harasment and persecution of Christians in the West.

I want to emphasise again therefore: avoid completely the internet websites of Osama Abdallah and spread the warning."
2) This is not an infidel link and if it is sorry but these guys apparently counter our claims

Title: Re: Claims against this website
Post by: AhmadFarooq on January 27, 2018, 06:42:04 AM
VirusTotal URL threat report for (
Title: Re: Claims against this website
Post by: Sama on January 27, 2018, 07:12:28 AM
I was about to send the same link :)

It's fake propaganda
Title: Re: Claims against this website
Post by: Albarra on January 27, 2018, 11:39:00 AM
Wow this idiotical infidel is completely lying. He just wanted to to tell Christians to avoid this website because he is a coward.

Top anti-virus softwares, including Bit-Defender, claimed that Answering-Christianity is "clean".

However, Answering-Christianity was unexpectedly shutting down for a few days due to cyber-attack.

Thankfully, brother Osama installed a new software to protect this website.