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Atheism and its errors.
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:12:35 AM »
I will list out errors of atheism.
and how its beliefs are contradictory

1:The belief in God

when you ask an atheist why dont you believe in God? He will say God doesnt exist due to science(makes no sense,many scientists consider themselves theist and believe in God,rather than atheist,only the mainstream scientists are atheists,none else.)

but however ask him the question "How can nothing give everything" he will speak about a scientific nothing,when you ask him what is the scientific nothing?
He wont give an answer,just a bunch of curse words and red herrings and arguments that make no sense.

but if this goes the other way,and you ask him what caused the Big Bang? he'll say he doesnt know,
so how can you say God doesnt exist when you dont even know what caused any of this? doesnt it make sense that a creator caused it?

2:Issues of Morality

Many atheists speak about Morality,but however
if you speak factually and statistically many Sex Offenders are considered to be Atheists,
its a fact.
even Atheists themselves admit it:
Then they speak about Morals in Religion? that makes no sense.

3:Issue of prophecy and proof
When you list out Scientific proof of the Quran or a prophecy
they will

In the scientific proof they will start making excuses and find the most smallest thing to try and pick out,but when you disprove them with the arabic linguistics
they start cursing at you,and make fun of The Prophet SAW and Isra wa Al Miraj.

And on the prophecy
They say Prophecies are coincidence but when you tell them
"Okay so apparently things from 1400s years ago and almost 99% of them all coming is true is somehow a "Coincidence" makes no sense,Mathematically,not at all,so how can you call it a coincidence?"

And on then on they will again start using vulgar language. or maybe even just block you.

so the conclusion is:Atheists have no proof that God doesnt exist and we have proof, the proof is prophecy,Scientific miracles,the universe itself,and the probability of nothing making everything,etc,etc
so therefore it disproves Atheists completely
Atheists are just another group of faithless people who use vulgar language and make fun to seem "smarter" and "superior" when their IQ's are as low as probably 50.

and they even use the subjectivist fallacy alot.
So Atheism is just another anti-rational irrational disbelief and skeptic stupidity which doesnt look at the possibility of God rather than just insulting religion for its spiritual beliefs.

And with this we can say their beliefs are 100% full of errors,fallacy,vulgarity,and stupidity.

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Re: Atheism and its errors.
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2017, 06:04:49 AM »
Atheists don't really believe in God because of the absence of the proof. Anyone could easily know that this universe should have been created by a powerful entity that is capable of knowing what to do, not a mindless entity, or a mindless process. Yet, they still raise very weak arguments like:

"If the universe need the cause, then why don't God? They assume that God, and the universe are the same thing, and that what applies to the universe applies to God."

And they keep talking about morality when there's no single proof that morality exist. Yet, they still believe in it.