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Deep questions
« on: January 27, 2018, 03:33:51 PM »
1) There's one big problem with religion the fact nobody excepts losing Muslims and Christians it's as if you guys are blind your are wearing glasses when you look at Muhammad he is perfect but when you take the glasses of he is not but you people are to scared and cowardly to acept this and take these glasses of would the prophet of God the most merciful kill somebody for any reason what so ever would he need sex and marriage just take these glasses of and realise you are blind
2) Would God create creation knowing he will give them the possibility to mess up and then punish them for doing what God made them able to do.
3) I didn't request to be human why could I not be angel and not have sin how is God merciful if he's testing me but giving me no solid obvious evidence and so everybody can be right that would be a fair test.
4) Does God need us if not why did he create us?
5) You should turn to science if you believe in theory of germs and other scientific discoveries because there logical when it opposes your religion you put them glasses and deny it but deep down you know that it's true or the most intelligent people would not agree with it.

I saw this in a comment quite deep but logical questions and needs answering by an logical person.

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Re: Deep questions
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 01:53:50 AM »
From what I've read, Muslim scholars accept that Prophet Muhammad didn't sin but he was capable of making mistakes.
Logically, the "prophet of God the most merciful" should be capable of killing someone if it means protecting others from that someone. In the event that killing is the only option to stop a person who is going to cause death and destruction, or create an effective deterrent against such damage - is it merciful to not kill?
Prophet Muhammad was, aside from being a Prophet of God, a normal human being. He could've needed marriage as much as a normal human being does.

Such is the concept of free-will.

Muslims believe that all humans accepted to go through this test before the beginning of this reality.
Individual humans have to try their best in order to find the truth. If after exhausting all resources, a person still does not find Islam acceptable then this will be taken into account on the day of judgement. What matters is whether a person makes a sincere effort in his query for the truth or does he lives his entire life continuing to ignore his conscience.
If "solid obvious evidence" were to be provided, everyone would be a Muslim and what would then be tested from them?

According to some scholars, God created us to give humanity the opportunity to join Him in eternity.
There is no evidence that God needs us, and frankly I'm always confused regarding the train of thought which forces a person to ask such a question. So... there is a God who has created the entire Universe, but He must need lowly humans? Need them for what, exactly?

Some religious people might close their eyes when science appears to refute religion, but not all of them do so.
Regarding intelligent people, aside from the fact that this is the appeal to authority and bandwagon fallacy, this is also used as a convenient cop-out, used as an excuse to not fulfil one's own personal responsibility to search for the truth.
If "intelligent people" spend most of their lives researching the subjects of science and not those of religion, how exactly are their inferences regarding religion acceptable, or even relevant for that matter?

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Re: Deep questions
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 05:47:12 AM »
God is the creator.
God sent books.
Science is "lowly human knowledge-ever changing -not perfect.
Therefore, "established scientific facts" can not contradict what Muslims teach anyway. This may be a problem for the followers of corrupted books but not Muslims.


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