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oshos worldview
« on: July 13, 2020, 12:14:47 PM »
brother the fellow osho says that buddha,prophet muhammad and all the other holy messengers were just beings who went about enlightening people.This was because according to him, SOME PEOPLE TOOK TOO long to get evolved and be civilised. So according to him these messengers and their holy books were only for those uncivlised people of those times and even today these religious books are only for the uneducated.With the advent of technical books and education he says that religion including islam will have no place in modern society nor will it have in the future.Also he says that he found something significant than god and that god itself is a quality that mankind should  inherit. ALSO I FEEL THAT BY SAYING that religion is enemy to mankind he means that freedom is restricted by religion and love and harmony only should be there.He also says that preists were the true mafias who destroyed the soul of the people and people should be let free. AND BROTHER i cant login so pls help. Osho says " buddha was not a buddhist , jesus was not cjristian hazrat muhammad was not muslim so all our fake religions and only atheism should prevail and those who hate me will prove me right" and "why should i interfere with the muslims they think by killing others they can get salvation."


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