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The Noble Quran's Search Results: Parameter: 15:97

Noble Verse(s) 15:97

Yusuf Ali:

[015:097]  We do indeed know how thy heart is distressed at what they say.

Dr. Munir Munshey (one of www.answering-christianity.com's authors):

[015:097]  Of course, We know that their remarks sting your heart!


[015:097]  Walaqad naAAlamu annaka yadeequ sadruka bima yaqooloona

Arabic (Read from right to left.  Also, all png image files: [1] [2]):

15:97 ولقد نعلم انك يضيق صدرك بما يقولون

Sher Ali:

[015:097]  And, indeed, WE know that thy bosom becomes straitened because of what they say.


[015:097]  And surely We know that your breast straightens at what they say;


[015:097]  Well know We that thy bosom is oppressed by what they say,


[015:097]  And now We well know that thou art deeply concerned on account of that which they say:

Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin Khan:

[015:097]  Indeed, We know that your breast is straitened at what they say.


[015:097]  And we knew that thy breast was straitened at what they say.


[015:097]  We know indeed thy breast is straitened by the things they say.

Khalifa: (why is he here?)

[015:097]  We know full well that you may be annoyed by their utterances.


[015:097]  Now know We that thy heart is distressed at what they say:


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