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Noble Verse(s) 3:140

Yusuf Ali:

[003:140]  If a wound hath touched you, be sure a similar wound hath touched the others. Such days (of varying fortunes) We give to men and men by turns: that God may know those that believe, and that He may take to Himself from your ranks Martyr-witnesses (to Truth). And God loveth not those that do wrong.

Dr. Munir Munshey (one of www.answering-christianity.com's authors):

[003:140]  If you have sustained a wound, _ (a blow in the battlefield) _ others too have suffered a similar kind of wound, earlier. These are the vicissitudes of life that We circulate among mankind by turns. Thus, Allah tests the true believers among you, so He may pick the martyrs among you. Allah does not like the wrongdoers.


[003:140]  In yamsaskum qarhun faqad massa alqawma qarhun mithluhu watilka al-ayyamu nudawiluha bayna alnnasi waliyaAAlama Allahu allatheena amanoo wayattakhitha minkum shuhadaa waAllahu la yuhibbu alththalimeena

Arabic (Read from right to left.  Also, all png image files: [1] [2]):

3:140 ان يمسسكم قرح فقد مس القوم قرح مثله وتلك الايام نداولها بين الناس وليعلم الله الذين امنوا ويتخذ منكم شهداء والله لايحب الظالمين

Sher Ali:

[003:140]  If you have received an injury, surely the disbelieving people have already received a similar injury. And such days WE cause to alternate among men that they may be admonished, and that ALLAH may cause to be distinguished those who believe and may take witnesses from among you; and ALLAH loves not the unjust.


[003:140]  If a wound has afflicted you (at Ohud), a wound like it has also afflicted the (unbelieving) people; and We bring these days to men by turns, and that Allah may know those who believe and take witnesses from among you; and Allah does not love the unjust.


[003:140]  If ye have received a blow, the (disbelieving) people have received a blow the like thereof. These are (only) the vicissitudes which We cause to follow one another for mankind, to the end that Allah may know those who believe and may choose witnesses from among you; and Allah loveth not wrong-doers.


[003:140]  If a wound hath happended unto you in war, a like wound hath already happened unto the unbelieving people: And we cause these days of different success interchangeably to succeed each other among men; that God may know those who believe, and may have martyrs from among you: -- God loveth not the workers of iniquity; -

Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin Khan:

[003:140]  If a wound (and killing) has touched you, be sure a similar wound (and killing) has touched the others. And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns, that Allah may test those who believe, and that He may take martyrs from among you. And Allah likes not the Zalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers).


[003:140]  If a sore touch you, a sore like it has touched people: these are days which we make to alternate amongst mankind that God may know who it is that believe, and may take from you witnesses, for God loves not the unjust;


[003:140]  If a wound touches you, a like wound already has touched the heathen; such days We deal out in turn among men, and that God may know who are the believers, and that He may take witnesses from among you; and God loves not the evildoers;

Khalifa: (why is he here?)

[003:140]  If you suffer hardship, the enemy also suffers the same hardship. We alternate the days of victory and defeat among the people. GOD thus distinguishes the true believers, and blesses some of you with martyrdom. GOD dislikes injustice.


[003:140]  If a wound hath befallen you, a wound like it hath already befallen others: we alternate these days of successes and reverses among men, that God may know those who have believed, and that He may take martyrs from among you, - but God loveth not the wrongful doers -


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