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The Noble Quran's Search Results: Parameter: 57:25

Noble Verse(s) 57:25

Arabic (Read from right to left.  Also, all png image files: [1] [2]):

57:25 لقد ارسلنا رسلنا بالبينات وانزلنا معهم الكتاب والميزان ليقوم الناس بالقسط وانزلنا الحديد فيه باس شديد ومنافع للناس وليعلم الله من ينصره ورسله بالغيب ان الله قوي عزيز

Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin Khan:

[057:025]  Indeed We have sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance (justice) that mankind may keep up justice. And We brought forth iron wherein is mighty power (in matters of war), as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help Him (His religion), and His Messengers in the unseen. Verily, Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty.


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