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Issa Ahmed Khalid's section:

Rebuttals by brother Issa Ahmed Khalid:

  1. Arabs - The Seed of Abraham (peace be upon him).
  2. The Status of Women.
  3. Jihad - Striving for the Cause of Allah Almighty.
  4. Terrorism - A Critique.
  5. Chapter 5; the Holy Bible.
  6. Who are we to please?
  7. The Mosaic Law, Original Sin and Blood Atonement.
  8. Jesus (peace be upon him), Paul and the Christian Church.
  9. Chapter 2: Christian Proof Texts (Jeremiah 8:8).
  10. Chapter 3: The Christian Holidays and the Christian Calendar.
  11. September 11th, 2001 and Israel.
  12. The Invasion of Iraq.



Rebuttals, and exposing the lies of the Answering Islam team section.

Contradictions and Errors in the Bible.

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