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Jesus (peace be upon him), Paul and the Christian Church


Issa Ahmad Khalid
(A new convert from Italy)



1.     Jesus(as), Paul And The Christian Church


It becomes more and more clear that what Christians have come to accept as “Gospel Truth” is in fact far from what Prophet Jesus(as) had taught to those of his time. A close study of the Epistles of Paul reveal contention between Paul and Peter, as well as all the Disciples with respect to what the “original” followers of Prophet Jesus(as) had perceived as a distortion of the teachings of Jesus(as) by Paul. Paul himself addressed this issue of contention in his letter to the Galatians 2:11-13 in which he spoke against all the Disciples, claiming that only his Gospel was the true Gospel. This prompted the Jewish Christians to openly denounce Paul for his “heretical” teachings. For example, we find that in Galatians 5:2 Paul stating that to accept circumcision is to deny yourself of the blessings of Christ, boldly proclaiming that; “Christ will be of no benefit to you at all”. This, however, runs in complete contradiction with the fact that Prophet Jesus(as) himself was circumcised (see Luke 2:21) as well as the covenant of circumcision bestowed upon Prophet Abraham(as) and his progeny (see Genesis 17:9-14). This eventually led to the Council Of Jerusalem, to which the letter to the Galatians shortly followed. Here Paul displays and introduces his own doctrines; that being of Trinity, Redemption (Paul was fully responsible for this particular doctrine), Incarnation (which is found in pagan religions- see Appendix 3) and Abrogation of the Mosaic Law thus representing his own personal theories which were not at all supported by the true Disciples of Prophet Jesus(as). To even consider using the 2nd Letter Of Peter as evidence in support of Paul and his doctrines would leave the Christians with no foundation to stand upon as Christian Scholars themselves contend that Peter himself in not the author of 2nd Peter, and that it was written at a much later date from his lifetime and attributed to him. Even the Ritual of the Last Supper, which is sacred to the Roman Catholics in their Sunday Mass, can be further attributed to Paul. In the account of the Last Supper, which can be found in the Book of Mark, we find no order by Prophet Jesus(as) to observe this as a practice in the future, but rather it was Paul, when referring to the Last Supper, who added the following sentence; “Do this in memory of me”, thus establishing this act as a ritual. So in this we find all established dogmas and rituals as practiced by the Christian Church, whether it be Catholic, Orthodox or any of the many Protestant sects, holding no support from the true teachings of Prophet Jesus(as), and that the Christians themselves are stuck in a conundrum of man made rituals and practices that owe their origin to Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul) which had eventually evolved over the centuries, to which it would be better suited for the Christians to refer to themselves as Paulanists rather than Christians as only a true follower of Prophet Jesus(as) can truly claim to be a Christian.


May Allah(swt) guide us all to the truth, Insha’Allah(God Willing)




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