Allegation of Mary being the sister of Aaron and her mother being the wife of Imran.

Here 'Answering Islam' states :

>>>This is faulty reasoning. Only Aaron became a Priest of the Lord and in fact the first High Priest. And only Aaron's descendents became priests. Neither Moses nor their sister Miriam are ever understood to be in "priestly lineage." Amram is definitely not a priest. If Mary's lineage of being part of a priestly family should be stressed then necessarily she would have to be called a daughter of Aaron, since all of Israel's priests are descendants of Aaron, while his brother and sister are not counted among the priestly line. <<<

The So called Dificulty can be found in


Jochen, It is indeed very surprising that you have answered your own question basically concerning Mary (ro). But I see you have not failed to construe what Allah is saying in the Holy Quran. If there was any actual righteousness in yourself , you would have not chosen this path.

We read in the Quran:

`O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a wicked man, nor was thy mother an unchaste woman !' (19: 29.)

The reference used here is one of Question, not that Mary was actually the sister of Aaron, but as decendant of the house of Aaron she would become a spiritual sister of Aaron with this in the eyes of the Jews they asked her as to what she had done.

The Holy Quran does not make a historical mistake here or anywhere.

Some Christian writers in their ignorance of the Arabic language have accused the Quran of a historical Anachronism inasmuch it has spoken Mary ‘sister of Aaron’. Instead of regretting their own ignorance they seek to find fault in the Quran. The question of Mary having been called the sister of Aaron in the Quran was put forth to the Holy Prophet Muhummad (saw) himself, and he asked the Questioner that did he not know that the Israelites used to name their children after Prophets and Saints. (Bayan vol. 6, p.16; Jarir vol. 16, p,15).

Mary has here been called the sister of Aaron and not that of Moses thou both were brothers. for whereas Moses was the founder of the Jewish Law, Aaron was the head of a Jewish priestly class (Enc. Bib. & Enc. Brit. under Aaron) And Mary also belonged to the priestly order.

Tabari has related an incident from the life of the Holy Prophet Muhummad (saw) which gives an insight to the words (ab) and (amm) and (ukht) ect. When Safiah, the Holy Prophets wife, and incidentally a Jewess by decent, once complained to the Holy Prophet that some of his other wives had called here a Jewess in contempt, The Prophet Muhummad (saw) told her to return the taunt by saying that Aaron was here father Moses her Uncle and Muhummad (saw) Arabia her Husband. Now the Holy prophet certainly knew that Aaron was not her brother and Moses not her uncle, this tradition shows that that the implication of these Arabic words is by no means confined to the so called blood relations.

Mary might have been called a sister of Aaron by way of reproach or taunt inasmuch as another Mary, the real sister of Aaron and Moses’s stepsister or his sister in-law, had charged him (Moses) with having unlawfully married a woman (numbers 12:1). A reference to this accusation can also be found in the Quran in (chapter 33:70) Thus the elders of the Jews, by calling Jesus’s mother sister of Aaron, meant that as Mary the sister of Aaron had, by accusing Moses of unlawfully marrying a woman, committed a heinous crime, so did she like her name sake, commit a heinous act of giving birth to an illegitimate child.

The allegation made by you is further supported supposedly by the following verse..

Remember when a women of Imran said, `My Lord, I have vowed to Thee what is in my womb to be dedicated to Thy service. So do Thou accept it of me; Verily Thou alone art All-Hearing, All-Knowing.' (3: 36.)

In this verse the mother of Mary who’s name was Hannah (Enc. Bib.) has been spoken of as woman of (Imran) while in 19:29, Mary herself has been addressed the (sister of Aaron). ‘Imran (Ammram) and Aaron are respectively the father and Brother of Moses, while he had also a sister named Miriam.

Being ignorant of Arabic Idiom and Quranic style, Christian writers who ascribe the authorship of the Quran to the Holy Prophet Muhummad (saw) , think that in his ignorance he confused Mary mother of Jesus, with Miriam sister of Moses. This the pretend to have discovered a serious Anachronism in the Quran--an absurd charge, inasmuch as quite a number of passages can be cited to show that the Quran considers Moses and Jesus separated from each other by a long line of Prophets (e.g. 2:88; 5:44-46).

These Christian writers are not the first to make this discovery. The credit for it belongs to the Christians of Najran who, as long as 1350 years ago, raised the same objection and received a prompt reply. It is on record that when the Holy Prophet sent (Mughira) to Najran, the Christians of that place asked him:

"Do ye not read in the Quran Mary (mother of Jesus) being mentioned as sister of Aaron, while you know Jesus was born a long time after Moses?"

"I did not know the answer"

says Mughira,

"and on my return to Medina I inquired about it of the Holy Prophet Muhummad (saw) who readily answered,"

"Why did you not tell them that the Israelites used to name their children after their deceased Prophets and Saints?" (Thirmidhi).

In fact, there is a tradition to the effect that the husband of Hannah and the father of Mary was named Imran whose father (i.e. Mary’s Grandfather) had the name Yoshhim or Yoshim. (Jarir & Kathir) Thus this Imran is different from Imran the father of Moses and whose own father was Kohath (Exodus. 6: 18--20)

The fact that Hannah’s husband for that fact Mary’s father, has been named Joachim in the Christian scriptures (Gospel of the birth of Mary and the Enc. Brit. under Mary) should not perplex us as Joachim is the same as Yoshim as mentioned by (Ibn Jarir) as the father of Imran. The Christian scriptures give the name of the Grandfather instead of the father, which is not an uncommon practice. Besides there are instances in the Bible of one person being known by two names. Gideon, for instance, was also called Jerubbaal (Judg. 7:1). So there should be no surprise if the second name of Joachim happened to be Imran.

Moreover, like individuals , families, too, are sometimes known after the names of their distinguished ancestors. In the Bible the name Israel sometimes stands for the Israelites (Deut 6:3--4) and Kedar for the Ishmalites (Isa, 21:16; 42:11). Similarly, Jesus has been called son of David (Matt. 1:1).

So the Words "when the woman of Imran" a woman from the family of Imran, or a perfect woman from the family of Imran. It is admitted that Hannah the mother of Mary, who was a cousin of Elisabeth (John’s mother) belonged to the House of Aaron and through him to that of ‘Imran (Luke 1:5, 36)

Like I stated at the beginning of this writing there Is no contradiction in the Quran, the Contradiction and Achronism lies in the heart of the deceiver, which is the Christian scholar who has attempted to spread a false accusation.

It is odd that one would do this knowing that Jesus was called (Son of David), or supposedly being the seed of David to become the Messiah, but the Bible does not prove to be the seed of David, being born with out the agency of a father.

It is sad thou that Christians in their over zealousness have missed this and so many other arguments that can be raised against their own beliefs if they continuously attempt to allege contradictions in the Quran..

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