Yeshuah is not Elohim

Many Christians believe that Yeshuah is Elohim Himself. According to this idea, Elohim limited himself into the form of a man so he Himself would be the sacrifice. I will show that in the Bible there is not any mention of this theology that was developed by Christians who were pagans.

As I will show, the Bible distinguishes between El, and Elohim which are both translated into God (actually, Elohim is an El). To make things even harder, the title Elohim has been given to the satan, people and angels. We are dealing with subtle differences, but the main issue is that Yeshuah and Elohim are two separate entities. Elohim has never died, he was never limited inside a body, and he never had to answer to authority. In a perfect world I would never have had to deal with this issue since the claim that Yeshuah is God would never have arisen.

Indeed, many people who know that Yeshuah is not Elohim do not like to talk about this issue because of the attitude that one should not say it or deny it. The problem is that we live in a world in which this claim is raised in almost every Christian book. Even Christian books that deal with totally different subjects (prophesy, family values, faith, etc.) are using expressions such as: "Only God in the flesh was able to do the things that Jesus did" or, "Only God himself could have been the perfect sacrifice" or, ";God came to us in the flesh in order..." or, "God has reduced Himself in order to...".

I want to teach that the above expressions are not Biblical, and people would be better off if they stopped using them. However, even the denial itself must be done with wisdom, since we are dealing with subtleties which are easy to confuse. I am not denying the fact that Yeshuah is an El (Isa 9:6, Rom 9:5) or the fact that he was with Elohim during the Creation (Col 1:16, Heb 1:10), but just claim that he is not the same person as Elohim.

It is very important how we package things. The problem is that people package the issue that the New Testament is true with the issue that Yeshuah is Elohim. I myself heard people teach about the works of Yeshuah and about how wonderful they are. I agree with those teachings until that teacher concludes that Yeshuah's works are proof that he is Elohim Himself.THIS IS NOT TRUE, since he himself promised us that we will be able to do greater works than he has done "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also. and greater works than these shall he do..."(John 14:12). Actually, Yeshuah's works just prove that he is anointed by Elohim.

My main reason for dealing with this issue is not to protect Elohim or Yeshuah - Not at all!!! My main reason is for the non - believers' sake. You see - we Christians make so many embarrassing basic mistakes, that many non-believers (especially Jewish ones) mock us for them. SHAME ON US!!! We must stop making those mistakes, and I am talking in particular about Ex 3:14, Psa 110:1, Psa 45:5 and Isa 9:!!!

We must not forget that we are in a spiritual war against a very subtle enemy. He has many ways to manipulate us, and it is our ignorance that he takes advantage of.

There is a plan in which the satan developed this theory. Some of the steps are very easy to prove. The last step is indeed more sophisticated but, nevertheless, it is a lie.The steps he used are:

  1. Made an atmosphere in which it will be easy for him to introduce his own definitions and attributes. He did it by using translation to create self serving titles for himself. This is true by translating a few Hebrew words into the word "God", and a few Hebrew words (including Elohim's names) into the word "lord ". Also important is the meaning of the word "Messiah". I will show how this issue affects verses as Isa 9:6, Rom 9:5, Mat 1:23, Mat 22:24 and Psa 110:1. Manipulation
  2. Translated many verses the wrong way. I know that many people have problems with this concept, but actually, out of all the steps the satan has done, this is the most crucial one. Fortunately, this is also the easiest one to prove. When I talk about manipulating the translation, I am also referring to copying. As you see, many of the manipulations took place not only while translating from one language to another (mainly from Hebrew to Greek), but also during copying them (usually in Greek), which just demonstrates the evil in those people. I will show how this effects such verses as Ex 3:14, John 8:58, Heb 1:8, Psa 45:6, Titus 2:13, 1 John 5:7-8, 1 Peter 3:15 and 1 Cor 10:9. Wrong Translation
  3. Misinterpreting many verses. This was his last step. You see - there are many verses which one can explain the way he would fit them to his Faith. With the first two steps the satan brought to life his theory. Then, not surprisingly, many people took other verses and adjusted them into their own belief system. I am talking about verses such as John 1:1, Phi 2:6-11, John 10:25-38, 14:9,16: and 15:23, Isa 9:5, Mat 28:19, Gen 1:26, 3:22 and 11:7, Col 2:9 and Zac 12:10. Misinterpretation
  4. The last step is actually blinding people to all the verses which just claim the opposite - that Yeshuah is inferior to Elohim. Verses such as Mat 24:35, Mat 26:39, Mal 3:6 and Luk 2:52. Blinding People

There are a fewreasons why the satan came up with this theory. I write about them in the chapter "Why?"

I am very sad to see so many people that not only believe that Yeshuah (Jesus) is Elohim (God), but that this is a very important fact in their belief. This is a very strange fact since nowhere in the Bible are we even told that believing that Yeshuah is Elohim is important. Elohim sets us apart from the world because we believe that Yeshuah is the Adon, Yeshuah is the Machiach and Yeshuah is the son of Elohim. There is not one example in the Bible of any Born Again believer who believed that Yeshuah is Elohim or where the Bible tells us to believe that Yeshuah is Elohim.

Sometimes when I do not want to go into conversation about the subject, I will tell the other person: "O.K, lets assume that Yeshuah is Elohim (or Jesus is God), why is it important?" The fact is that even if Yeshuah is Elohim (and this makes it even more strange), the Bible, for some reason, does not tell us that this is an important fact. So the next question will be: "if the Bible does not make a big deal out of that, why are you?" The reason I ask this is because I have even heard Christians say that if you do not believe that Elohim changed himself and revealed himself as a man, you are not saved. This is nonsense because then the Bible would be a lie, because according to the Bible our beliefs are that Yeshuah is the Adon (Rom 10:9), the messiah (1 John 4:2) and the son of Elohim (1 John 5:10-12) AND THAT ELOHIM RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD.

I am sure that a person can become Born Again even if he believes that Yeshuah is Elohim - so huge is the Grace of Elohim. My main concern is not what those people believe in, but what they teach. I say so because teaching false teachings will hurt us - the body of the messiah. I say so, because many of the verses they use to "prove" that Yeshuah is Elohim are wrong translations, and by using them, we give the non-believer a way to prove that we have a false faith.

Elohim by His love to the Jews is going to be soft on those who are going to speak against Yeshuah (Matt 12:31). If it was not for this, He would have condemned the Jews to death (this is still more evidence that Yeshuah is not Elohim).

The sad fact is that the false messiah is going to convince people (including the Jews) for three and a half years that he is the true messiah. However, the critical point is going to be when he will present himself as being God Himself. At that point, it is going to be many of the Jews who are going to realize the lie. However, since so many Christians believe in any case that Elohim became a man, they are going to be deceived easily. This should not be a surprise. After all, if one believes Yeshuah to be Elohim, then what is the big deal when the one who is known to be the messiah declares that he is Elohim? I would strongly recommend that people study Matt 12:31. There is an important warning there.

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