Allegation of Allah not knowing who Haman was, refuted

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

'Answering Islam' alleges that the Quran has made a mistake by calling the friend of Pharoah *Haman* while Haman was the name of another person who lived many centuries after the advent of Moses and Pharoah.

The Allegation can be found in :


The verse of the Holy Quran:

"And to establish them in the earth, and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts that which they feared from them" (Chapter 28 verse 7)

Exploitation and tyranny produce their own nemisis and the exploiters and the opressors never feel secure from the standard of revolt being raised agaisnt them by those whom they exploit, supress and oppress. The greater the opression of the tyrant, the greater his fear of revolt by the tyrannized. Pharaoh, too, was seized with this fear and, therefore, he employed all means and machinations to keep the Isrealites under permanent subjection. But the time had come that he should be punished and those held in bondage should be emancipated.

Haman as the tilte of the High Preist of the God of Amon, ham in the egyptian meaning high preist, and Amon was the God who dominated all other Egyptian gods.

"Haman was the director of the double treasury and granary and director of the soilders and all the craftsmen of Thebes. His name was *Nebunef* and he was high preist under Ramesus II and his son Merneptah. Being the head of the extremely rich sacerdotal orginization embracing all preisthoods of the country his power and prestige had increased so much that he controlled a most influential political faction and even kept his own private army" (A story of Egypt by James Henry Breasted,Ph.D)

Haman is also said to be the name of a minister of Ahaserus, a king of Persia who loved many ages after Moses. There is nothing strange or objectionable in two persons living in two diffrent periods bearing the same name.

But some commentators on the Quran such as *Mr. Wherry* who only prove their own crass ignorance, have pretended to discover a serious acronysm in the Quran having called a Minister of Pharoah by the name of Haman , which accidentally was also the name of a minister of the King of Persia. (Wherry’s Commentary)

In fact, anachronism lies in the brians of such commentators and opponents of the Quran and not in the Quran.

And Allah Knows Best

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