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Was Noah's Conversation with his son Impossible ?

In http://www../Quran/Contra/qe006.html

'Answering Islam' states :

>Furthermore, this whole conversation is impossible. If you ever have been at sea >when the waves are towering like mountains then you know how loud it is. >Conversation, even when shouting is absolutely impossible. Note, it does not say >the water was already as deep as a mountain is high but calm, it specifically >speaks of waves, which means that there have to be strong winds to produce >these waves.

After reading the allegation it is agreed by Katz making the allegation that because of divine exclusion the Son of Noah was no longer considered a member of Noah’s family. So obviously there exists no contradiction in this regard. The second question that was raised was that as to how a conversation could take place with such circumstances.

'Answering Islam' by making this allegation is just exposing his or her own ignorance of the actual events of history. God does not say that on Tuesday at 1:00 pm Noah got into the ark, and at 2:00pm he was three miles away from the land. Nor does the verse say that his son was 100 miles away, or that the waves were so high that they could not have a conversation.

In the verse we only find a short narrative of the events that occurred. We find that in the Quran:

"Till -- when our command came and the fountains of the earth gushed forth - WE said, `Embark therein two of every kind, male and female, and thy family, except those against whom the word has already gone forth, and those who believe.' And there had not believe in him except a few." (Chapter 11 verse 41)

God here is commanding the people of Noah to enter the Ark....then:

"And he said, `Embark therein. In the name of ALLAH, be its course and its mooring. My Lord is assuredly Most Forgiving, Merciful.' (Chapter 11 verse 42)

Then the command is given that they should embark with the name of Allah, then we have:

"And it moved along with them amid waves like mountains. And Noah cried unto his son, while he was keeping apart, `O my son, embark with us and be not with the disbelieves.'(Chapter 11 verse 43)

You see the words here "while keeping apart" this is a proof positive that that when the conversation took place they were not too far away from each other, and a conversation could have taken place. So there is noting strange about this. It is also not strange that Christians would make an argument of this mode of converse and not remember all the strange conversation that have taken place in the bible.

Nothing Is Impossible.

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