Is the Christian priesthood a "dating service for pedophiles?"

I heard today that Ted "Yawn-so" (I've spelled it the way it sounds; I heard it

on the radio) killed himself on the 30'th of December. He's the Christian who

was accused of 38 counts of child sexual molestation and rape over the course

of some 28 years and 5 different churches.

His masters had known he was a pedophile and yet they did nothing but send him

to "counciling" afterwhich he was reinstated at another church and given access

to more children.

After the 38 counts were tossed out due to statute of limitations, there

remained six civil cases to be held. During this time the guy was shipped to a

Washington, DC neighborhood -- a family neighborhood, I might add -- by his

masters where he took up a job in a book store.

KFI AM 640 Los Angeles talk radio with "Ken and Bob" covered this guy and the

epidemic problem of Christian masters rapeing and sexually mollesting children.

The fact that the Christian higher-ups do little to solve the problem was


One of the people who came onto the show was the mother of one of the victims

of this Ted guy. She had, at the time, not paid much attention to the

accusations her son had made when he was being mollested by this Christian

master; she didn't ask her son for the details and simply places a complaint

with her priesthood which assured her that the issue would be looked into.

After Ted made the newspapers she was shocked to realize that her son was

probably subjected to a great deal more than she thought. She mentioned that

she hadn't bothered to check back with her priesthood to see if the problem was

taken care of because she trusted her priesthood and thought that it would have

been taken care of.

She later learned that her priesthood had taken her complaint and those of

several others and simply shipped Ted off to another church rather than (as any

NORMAL person would have) shot the bastard or taken him to jail -- the moral

and right thing to do.

On the 30'th of December the guy killed himself and in a letter demanded he was

innocent (never mind the fact that he had previously confessed to his

priesthood repeatedly and was shipped from place to place because of his


One called tried to pretend that the Christian religion wasn't the problem;

that there are bound to be a few bad apples in any profession and that this

type of thing was aborational. The talk show hosts wouldn't let that claim lie

without being challanged and pointed out that _by_profession_ the Christian

priesthood is a heaven for this kind of thing and that _possibly_ peple join

the Christian priesthood because they harbor pedophile feelings and hope that

the temptation to rape children will be stopped by taking a vow of non-


Over all the show covered all the bases of Christian masters using their

posistions of mock authority to violate everything the rest of us hold moral

and right while also underscoreing again and again the fact that Christian

leaders do little to nothing to solve the problem, in effect making the

Christian priesthood a dating service for pedophiles.

-F. Rice

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