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Christian Heaven: Would you like to be in this place?



Many people are motivated towards religion, some due to love of God, some due to guaranteed salvation and the rest due to fear of Hell or desire for Paradise.


A Christian is motivated due to the free ticket to heaven, which he believes he has. However, this desire for heaven from the Christian point of view is not well justified as will be explained below.


Lets take a look at what the Christian heaven will have inside it, not the material but the undesirable things and people that will be there.


The whole story of man started from Adam who was created by God and lived in Heaven. He disobeyed God in Heaven due to being tempted by his wife who was tempted by Satan. The Bible tells us that Satan was a beautiful Angel who rebelled. From here we learn that anyone can disobey God in the Christian Heaven. The disobedience was due to woman and women will also be in Christian heaven. So, therefore, chances of disobedience from anyone are very high.


The Christian can argue that the same is the case with Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") who also believe that Adam lived in heaven and Satan tempted him. This is true to an extent but not completely accurate as the Quran says that the doors of heavens have been closed and locked firmly and if any devil tries to listen to anything behind the door, a shooting star is sent after him (67:5). The Satan is a Jinn according to the Quran and Jinn and humans have free will unlike the Angels. Satan used to roam around before but his movement has been restricted by the shutting of these doors. Before entering Heaven, all the evil, tendency for evil, sin etc will be taken out from everyone and therefore no chance of disobedience as mentioned in the Quran.


In the Islamic Heaven, there is no evil and no disobedience, whereas in the Christian heaven, there will be evil (as proved below) and disobedience.


The evil in the Christian heaven:


  1. Adam – The cause of all evil
  2. Noah  - A nudist (Genesis 9)
  3. Samson – Relations with whores (Judges 16:1)
  4. Abraham – Married his sister
  5. Lot – A drunkard and an incest performer (with his daughters)
  6. Moses – A mass murderer, gave permission to rape 3 year olds
  7. Isaiah – A nudist
  8. Saul – A nudist (I Samuel 19:24)
  9. David – A shameless nudist dancer, rapist and a killer
  10. Children of Israel – Rebellious, stiff-necked, killers, rapists etc (as per the bible)


Note: All the above names are imaginary Christian and Jewish beliefs of the real people with these names.



All of the above people will be in the Christian heaven including others such as Hitler who killed six million of God’s chosen people and those six million went to hell for denying cross and trinity whereas the killer went to heaven.


How is a person guaranteed security and peace in such a heaven? If they are loved and blessed by God, then what is the guarantee that they will not rape you in heaven? If they rape in heaven, how can one be confident that they will be punished because God has blessed them? No moral, ethical and a peace loving person on Earth would ever like to live with a criminal and heaven is supposed to be a better place. So why will there be worse off conditions there?


If such is the heaven, then hell is better.







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