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Practical Ills of Original Sin


Everybody is practically a sinner in the concept of original sin but if the concept is analyzed, it says that everybody is innocent as the sin is not their own.


This concept is nowhere in the Bible. The only places where such a thing is mentioned, it speaks of worldly punishment and nothing else.


Other than the reason that it is not mentioned in the Bible and is an innovation, there are practical reasons why it should be banned.


  1. It blames God which is blasphemy
  2. It degrades Prophet Adam
  3. It degrades women
  4. It takes away the blame from the culprit and makes him a victim
  5. It encourages other man-made concepts One lie leads to the other
  6. It encourages immorality
  7. It promotes a culture of blasphemy and complacency



It blames God which is blasphemy


As per the concept, the main one responsible for the whole of original sin is God. This is a blasphemy towards God. It attempts to degrade God by attributing Him a status of being cruel or being helpless, as He has no power to remove it. Christians believe that sacrifice and blood is required to remove this curse. This belief states that God cannot take away what He had done wrong. No wonder Christians are leaving their religion. This belief also explains the growth of Satanism as they consider Satan to be a competitor to God both having limited powers.



It degrades Prophet Adam


Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) is a man loved and respected by Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more"). He is the first man on earth and the father of all human beings. Attributing to him our sins is disrespect for our father. This concept makes him the worst man on earth and Jesus to be his complete opposite. This is also blasphemy as it insults the father of mankind and indirectly is disrespect of God.




It degrades women


Original sin gives all the blame of the incident of the apple to the mother of mankind. It degrades not only her but also all women as it blames womankind for such desires.

Original sin also degrades women in other ways such as calling motherhood a curse. In Islam, motherhood is a blessing from Allah but as per the original sin, it is a curse upon women.




It takes away the blame from the culprit and makes him a victim


Christians have a saying that is to hate the sin, love the sinner. This is against humanity. A rapist, killer, holocaust believer and performer etc are all taken as innocent people who have inherited the tendency to sin. Instead of hating them, they are loved. Another blasphemy towards God and the laws of God. The law of God says that such people should be killed. In the USA, the punishment for rape is 7 years in prison which is gross injustice to the rape victim. When Islam declares death to the rapist, the anti-God ones find it very cruel and barbaric.




It encourages other man-made concepts One lie leads to the other


Since this concept is not to be found in the Bible, its followers make up lies to keep it alive and to stay away from exposing themselves. The concept is an innovation of Paul spread around by Churches. This false concept has led to other false concepts such as describing the mission of Jesus. Jesus himself says that he has come for Israel only but Paul says that his mission is to take away the sins of mankind caused by Adam. No such thing has been described in the Old Testament but one lie leads to another. This makes the Bible to be a book full of lies.




It encourages immorality


When a Christian reads that Prophets have raped, performed incest and what not, they feel that such a thing is morally not too bad. Further, these self-made acts of Prophets are defended by Christian priests and preachers who have to make up lies to defend their religion. The sin is hated and the sinner loved. Holocaust is hated but Hitler loved?



It promotes a culture of blasphemy and complacency


In the western world, we see pictures, idols, statues, movies and cartoons of religious personalities shown in a negative manner. In many pictures and movies, Adam and Eve are degraded by being shown naked, Jesus is degraded and this makes them consider their blasphemies to be freedom and art and culture. The westerners expect others to adhere to their blasphemies and when they make silly portraits of the last Prophet, they expect others to accept it as freedom.


Man-made concepts of forgiveness of sins have been invented. They make the person complacent as they can sin everyday of their life and come to Church once a week and get themselves all clean, the meter goes back to zero. Many priests have been caught taking money for such things. A totally pathetic culture is encouraged by original sin.


The devil has done careful planning!






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