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Taken from: http://bibleandquran.com/desertson.htm


Liar: I was born in Saudi Arabia as a member of a Muslim family. We were a very happy family, and I loved my relationship with them. I also felt very happy because I did all the things that God asked me to. I had learned one sixth of the holy Quran by heart and a lot from the Hadieth. When I was a teenager, I was an Imam for the mosque.



Muslim: You had learned one sixth from the Quran and a lot from the Hadieth?


Who does that?


Only liars say that. Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") only memorize from the Quran and not from the Hadieth.


You were also an Imam for the mosque and a teenager?


WOW. This story is too much. Please lie with your brain, if lying is the only option you have.



Liar: I was always very serious to do all that God ordered me to do--fasting during Ramadan, praying five times a day or more, Hadj and so on. I was, at that time, very desirous to meet God at the last day, even when I had no guarantee. But I had always hoped for this. My hope grew when I started to think about fighting in the name of God (Jihad) in Afghanistan. I was
sixteen years old. My parents would not let me go because I was too young. So I decided to wait until I was old enough.



Muslim: Even when you had no guarantee?


What do you mean by that?


No guarantee of meeting God?


Or no guarantee of going to heaven?





Liar: After some time, the devil found his way into our home and our life, and my life became very hard. Slowly I drifted far away from God until the time that I believed in no God at all.

My life became busy. I had a very good job and earned a lot of money. Still I was not happy because I was afraid for the day that I would die. Sometimes a question came to my mind--will I be with God in heaven or not? And it was very frightening to think about this, even for seconds, that I would not be there. What about my future?



Muslim: Please use your brain. You are using the same contradictory language of the Bible.


For one you say that you had hard times and also say that you had a very high paying and a very good job.




What kind of an Imam were you?


A teenager, an Imam and a rich man with devil with him.



Your question of whether you will be in heaven with God also shows that you are just a lying Christian.


Does the Bible teach you to do so?




Liar: One day I had a big problem in my life. I was in my room looking through the window up to the sky. Then I remembered God, and I wanted to pray to him to ask him for help, but which God should I pray to. Allah? I was sure that he was very angry with me because I had not prayed for a very long time. Or Jesus? I knew He had done a lot of miracles in the lives of other people. Then I said, ďJesus help me!Ē I don't know why I spoke like this. I sat down on my bed and spoke to myself, ďWhat is this stupid thing you just did?Ē Anyway, I did not expect anything to happen or the problem to go away.
However, one and a half days later, my problem was solved! I decided to find out who this Jesus is. Is he God as the Christian people say, or is he a prophet, as I know from Islam? At this time, I left my country and went to Europe.



Muslim: You should have known more about Allah as you knew one sixth of the Quran by heart and also the Hadieth.


What did you want to ask for help from God Mr. Liar?


You donít know why you spoke this lie? The answer is very simple as you gave earlier that the devil entered your life Mr. Liar.


Why did you only think about Jesus? Where did you hear about him? Where did you hear that he was God? If you read the Quran, you would also have read that the pagan worship idols, why didnít you ask the idols for help Mr. Liar. Why didnít you ask Ezra for help? Why didnít you ask Moses for help as he also performed many miracles?


You were also memorizing the Hadieth, so you should have known that Prophet Muhammad (s) also performed many miracles. Why didnít you think about him?


As you yourself said, the devil entered your life.





Liar: On the third day, my circumstances became very difficult for me, and I decided to go back to Middle East. During that night I had a dream. I was standing in a cross shape with a low wall around it. In my right hand, I had a big stack of white unwritten papers. I was standing at the cross beam, and I was looking to a small group of people who were standing at the top. They all wore long white clothing, but one of them was different. He was standing at the right side, and with his left hand he was leading the people through a door in the wall. Beyond the door was light, and I could not see what was in there. One moment I was standing in the dream, and the next moment I was seeing the cross from above. It was difficult for me to understand this.



Muslim: Interesting dream Mr. Liar but do you know that all the disciples had fled at the scene of the crucifiction and what you saw in your dream were the devils fooling you who entered your life.

Do you know, Mr. Liar, that Jesus of the Bible continuously prays the night before to not get crucified and do you know that he shouts on the cross, My God, My God why have you forsaken me?


Your dream is very much against the Bible. Maybe you should start a new religion.



Liar: When I woke up the next morning, I felt a very beautiful happiness in my heart that I never had before. And I felt a love in my heart and from inside my body a very special feeling. I felt also I just wanted to walk and to walk and to ask every one I met, do you know Jesus?



Muslim: So, you never knew Jesus? This means that you never read the Quran, Mr. Liar.



Liar: After one year of reading the Bible in an honest way, I understand now what happened to me. I found my way to God, the real God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope now for all the people I love, my family, my friends, and everyone
also to change and begin to read the Bible in an honest way. I am sure that God will help them to find their way.



Muslim: So, you entered paganism from then. Why the Trinitarian paganism? Why not Japanese paganism, why not Hinduism?


Maybe you should read the Bible again and this time ask Allah for help before starting to read the Bible, this way the devil behind you will go away and you will have an open mind.





Liar: Dear brother/sister,

Come to know Jesus before it is too late.

John 8:12

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, "I am the light of the world; he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."



Muslim: Mr. Liar, donít you know that we Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") believe in Jesus? We believe in him the way he wants us to believe.


Mr. Liar, everyone knows that this entire story is a lie. You are only making a fool out of yourself and of the site you have posted this filth.


Your useless story was a little different from other useless stories as you never mentioned about the danger to your life or threats etc. Maybe you donít know how to write good stories. If you stop reading the Bible, you will be able to write better stories.








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