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                                               Is Jehovah God? - Examining Yahweh in Arabic!




The Hebrew Bible does not contain the word "Jehovah" in it at all.


The word that is used is a tetragramatton using, 'Y' 'H' 'W' 'H'.


How can one pronounce YHWH as Jehovah?  There is no possible way.  Just like Arabic, Hebrew doesn't have vowels. Adding vowels can make the word into "YEHOWA" but what does that mean?


This word is neither a Hebrew word, nor does it make any sense in Arabic (the sister language of Hebrew).  The proper way of pronouncing it is "YAHUAH" which is also  present in Arabic and read as "YA HUWA" meaning "O! HE" or "O! HE is" and can also be taken into a future tense.


Catholic Encyclopedia gives the meaning of Yahweh as "He Who is" and also goes on to give it's own incorrect interpretation that it is the name of God.


The argument may sound deceiving but if read with context and from the Bible, it sounds very logical and accurate.  In the Bible, whenever the words Ya Huwa are used, there is a follow up word which means God.


For example:



Ezekiel 48:35




Exodus 15




Jeremiah 23:6




Gen. 22:14




Isaiah 33:22




Exodus 17:8-16




Judges 6:24




1 Samuel 1:3




Leviticus 21:8



These are just the few places where these names have been mentioned. They have been mentioned many times.  Even if we take the word Jehovah to not mean "O! He is", still it does not make sense what the Bible says.  This way, Jehovah Elohim would mean "God God".  Jehovah definitely does not mean God. Most Bibles translate it as Lord which makes more sense, "Lord God".



The dictionary defines Lord as:


1. a person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.


2. a person who exercises authority from property rights; an owner of land, houses, etc.


3. a person who is a leader or has great influence in a chosen profession: the great lords of banking.


4. a feudal superior; the proprietor of a manor.


5. a titled nobleman or peer; a person whose ordinary appellation contains by courtesy the title Lord or some higher title.


6. Lords, the Lords Spiritual and Lords Temporal comprising the House of Lords.


7. (initial capital letter) (in Britain) a. the title of certain high officials (used with some other title, name, or the like): Lord Mayor of London.

b. the formally polite title of a bishop: Lord Bishop of Durham.

c. the title informally substituted for marquis, earl, viscount, etc., as in the use of Lord Kitchener for Earl Kitchener.


8. (initial capital letter) the Supreme Being; God; Jehovah.


9. (initial capital letter) the Savior, Jesus Christ.


10. Astrology. a planet having dominating influence.



Lord does not mean God. 


In Arabic YaHuwa means "O! HE is" and in Hebrew it means "He who is". These two meanings sound very similar.  It has been incorrectly used as the name of God. Let me give an explanation from my language, Urdu.  In Urdu, we refer to Prophet Muhammad (s) as AAP which means YOU. We do not usually name him for respect. AAP is not the name of the Prophet but the Prophet is referred to with this word.


Similarly, in Hebrew Ya Huwa (Jehovah/Yahweh) is not the name of God but is referred to as such due to respect.





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