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Answering Sam Shamoun's Article "Can Allah be seen and did Muhammad see his Lord?"

Bassam Zawadi



Sam Shamoun's article can be located here http://www..net/Shamoun/allah_seen.htm

I didn't title the article as being a rebuttal but more of providing an answer. I really had a good time writing this response to this article as I felt that the author wrote a good article with a seemingly sincere motive (I think).


Two questions need to be answered: Can Allah be Seen and Did Muhammad see his lord.


Lets answer the first question.


Can Allah be seen? Is it possible for him to be seen? The answer is yes, it is possible. However, is it possible to see him in this life with our very eyes? The answer is no.

The commentary of the verse that states that no vision can grasp God (6:103) says this....

can_allah_be_seen_rebuttal_1.jpg (3232 bytes)

Source: http://quran.al-islam.com/Tafseer/DispTafsser.asp?nType=1&bm=&nSeg=0&l=arb&nSora=6&nAya=103&taf=KATHEER&tashkeel=0

Ibn A'lba said regarding this verse, it is in this life, narrated by Abi Hatim

This shows that it is not possible for vision (from our eyes) to grasp God in this life.


can_allah_be_seen_rebuttal_2.jpg (22224 bytes)

Source: http://quran.al-islam.com/Tafseer/DispTafsser.asp?l=arb&taf=KORTOBY&nType=1&nSora=6&nAya=103


And Ibn Abbas said: “No vision can grasp him” in this life, and that the believers will see Him in the next life because Allah said so “That day will faces be resplendent, Looking toward their Lord” (Surah 75:22-23)

Reported on the authority of Ibn Abbas as well and he said: The meaning that the vision of the hearts cannot grasp Him, is that a person’s mind cannot grasp Him in order to comprehend Him. “There is none like unto him” (Surah 42:11) and he said: The meaning is that the visions created here on earth, however he can create for those who want his generosity a vision and comprehension in order to see Him just like he did for Muhammad peace be upon him.


can_allah_be_seen_rebuttal_3.jpg (5455 bytes)

Source: http://quran.al-islam.com/Tafseer/DispTafsser.asp?nType=1&bm=&nSeg=0&l=arb&nSora=53&nAya=11&taf=TABARY&tashkeel=0

Some of them said: The heart (of the Prophet) has seen the Lord of The Worlds and they said that He (God) made his vision in his heart so he saw him with his heart and he did not see him with his eyes.


So basically as we can see, it is possible to see God because it is even a promise that God has given to the believers that they will see him in the next life. However, in this life we cannot see him with our very eyes.


When the Prophet saw God, God could have easily made the Prophet a special vision in order to see Him. We cannot comprehend or understand how but God did. God gave the Prophet a special vision (in his heart) to see him. When God says that no vision can encompass him it is referring to the vision that we have (as in our eyes). However, all things are possible with God.


Now to the next question, did the Prophet Muhammad actually see God?  I would have to admit that I and the scholars simply do not know. As we can see from the Hadiths and even the scholars admissions there were differences in opinion among the companions of the Prophet regarding whether the Prophet actually saw God or not. However, this has no effect on Islamic creed what so ever. The Prophet seeing his Lord or not actually does not make any difference to the Muslim. The main thing is that the companions agreed and were unanimous in the major pillars of Islam, which is the most important thing and our reason and hope for salvation. Regardless if the Prophet Muhammad saw God or not, does not affect Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") in any way.






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