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The Hypocrisy of Christians Who Attack the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Bassam Zawadi




Christians have attacked the Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) by claiming that he is a murderer, rapist, pedophile etc. They charged him with all these disgusting things and they have all been soundly refuted. However, only for sake of argument lets assume that their arguments against Prophet Muhammad are true. Does that disprove his Prophethood?

The Prophets of the Old Testament have done countless acts of horrible things. Things ranging from getting drunk, having sex with their very own daughters, murdering women and children, worshipping idols, sleeping with prostitutes etc. Yet the Christians acknowledge this and still believe that these people are Prophets. But when Prophet Muhammad does something wrong (allegedly) that means he is not a Prophet. You see the hypocrisy? 

The criteria that Christians use to disprove and attack the Prophethood of Muhammad can be used even more forcefully against the Prophets of the Old Testament. So even if Christians were able to prove these arguments against Muhammad (if true, are still no where as bad as the acts of the Prophets of the Old Testament), they still do not disprove his Prophethood. If they insist that this disproves his Prophethood then they also need to insist that the Prophets of the Old Testament are not Prophets as well. Therefore, they should renounce their faith in Christianity. 


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