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If the Quran is Fully Detailed and Clear Then Why Do We Need Hadith?

Bassam Zawadi



Hadith rejecters usually point to Quranic verses which state that the Quran is fully detailed and clear and that there is nothing left out of the Quran. Therefore, they ask 'why do we need the hadith?'

First of all I recommend everyone to visit this article https://www.answering-christianity.com/bassam_zawadi/combat_kit_for_muslims.htm in which I make a comprehensive combat kit proving that indeed hadith need to be used and that even the Quran shows this.

The Quran is clear that the Prophet Muhammad is here to explain to us the glorious Quran (Surah 16:44) so does that mean that the Quran is wrong when it says that it is clear and explains all things?

There is a fallacy in reasoning and thinking here. Let me give an example.


Professor X says to his students that in order to know everything for the exam then they must read textbook A. The Professor says that textbook A is clear, fully detailed and enough to pass the test. When students read textbook A they find out that textbook A says that textbook B clarifies and explains in better detail textbook A. So what should the students do? They should read textbook B of course because text book A is CLEARLY stating that textbook B should be referred to. Textbook A clearly explains to the students that textbook B should be referred to.

Similarly the Quran which is fully detailed and clear, clearly states that we should refer to the Prophet. How do we refer to the Prophet? Through the authentic hadith of course!






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