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Brief Reply to Sam Shamoun's Article "Muhammad and Images"

Bassam Zawadi




Sam Shamoun's article could be located here http://www../Muhammad/Inconsistent/images.html

Sam's main argument is that there used to be statues and pictures that were permissible by God in the past and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came and said that whoever makes a statue would be asked on the day of judgment to bring it back to life and that the Prophet condemned pictures. Therefore, the Prophet is indirectly condemning the previous Prophets.

The simple answer to this is that God's law in the past did not prohibit it. God's laws changed and adapted over time. For example, the limiting of 4 wives per man was a law that came at Prophet Muhammad's time. During Prophet Joseph's time, bowing down in respect to someone was permissible (Surah 12:100), however it is not now.  

Similarly, statues at the time of Prophet Solomon were permissible in the Shariah law of that time. (Tafsir Jalalayn, Source: online)


The main message of God's law which is that there is one God who deserves to be worshipped and obey the messenger who has been sent to you etc. has always been the same from the beginning of time. However, certain laws (halal and haram) have changed over time with each Prophet and were set accordingly to what was suitable for each time period because those laws were only meant for a short time period for a specific group of people. However, the last Law has been sent with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is now binding on everyone. So when the Prophet said that those will be punished for making pictures and statues it was meant for his people and all the people that come after including us.

Sam Shamoun talked about the Prophet kissing the black stone, you can read up on it here.

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