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Shariah Law Is Strict: But Why Are You Complaining?

Bassam Zawadi



A lot of Islamic critics tend to attack and criticize Islam because its Shariah Law is strict. I agree, Islam is very strict when it comes to justice. But why complain and argue about something that will not affect you? Who are the people that should complain about Shariah  Law? It is the people who are going to get affected by it, that's who. Who are the people who are going to get affected by it? Its those criminals of course. Its those rapists, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, thieves, armed robbers, fornicators, adulterers etc. that are going to get affected by this law. Are you one of them? If you are, then you better change your ways because you have no right to be any of those things. If you are not, then why complain?

People might go and say, "Well we are born sinners, we have to sin" But that is no excuse. I can't go to court and tell the judge that I was born a sinner. We all make small mistakes. We all make minor sins. But in Shariah Law there are no punishments for minor sins, but for major sins. There is no excuse for us to commit major sins such as murder or armed robbery.


Please visit this article https://www.answering-christianity.com/bassam_zawadi/top_ten_sharia_rebuttal.htm  in which I refute a Christian's criticism of the Shariah Law. I prove that in deed it is just and he is actually a hypocrite for criticizing it because the Old Testament laws are even more strict.


If you did not agree with what I said then please contact me at b_zawadi@hotmail.com so that I maybe able to clear up your misconceptions Inshallah.






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