Mars [ MARS ] : Cydonia Mensae

Cydonia Mensae

The Discovery
In 1976 the Viking I & II orbiters and landers reached Mars. Thousands of photographs were taken of the red planet and transmitted to Earth. During one of the press conferences where the photographs were presented to the public, a NASA employee jokingly said that one of the mesas photographed resembled a human face. This was just a trick of light and shadow, he said, as a photo of the same area taken at a later hour did not show anything unusual. And that was that, for the time being.
Vince DiPietro and Greg Molenaar did not forget about this incident. They found the original frame with the face and cleaned it up with various computer imaging techniques including one they developed specifically for these images (called Starburst Pixel Interleaving Technique SPIT !), and made another discovery. This was a huge five sided pyramid several miles to the South-West of the face. This pyramid is now known as the D & M Pyramid. In 1983, Richard Hoagland, a former science adviser to Walter Cronkite, read a paper written by DiPietro and Molenaar on the Face and D & M Pyramid. The saga had begun!
Intelligent Origin
Richard Hoagland and The Mars Mission found a number of structures that did not match the terrain in the area. Geologists said it was highly improbable that these structures would have been formed through wind/water erosion over the millenia. After discovering that the geographical location of the structures and their geometrical layout actually formed a "message" -- the angles between the buildings, Face, D & M Pyramid and other structures redundantly pointing out mathematical constants and ratios such as pi [3.14] and e [2.72] and specific angles such as 19.5 degrees -- the extreme significance of Cydonia cannot be ignored.
When SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) was first proposed, the first contact was expected to be made by receiving a radio signal which encoded a message using universal mathematical constants which can be easily understood by any intelligence notwithstanding the different languages. At Cydonia we have a group of highly anomalous structures on a neighbouring planet that is not only encoding a number of universal constants in the very way it was built, but when translated, these constants/ratios/angles, are actually giving us what now seems to be a New Physics! This cannot be anything but proof that the message of Cydonia is of intelligent, extra-terrestrial origin and not "a trick of light and shadow" as NASA is so fond of saying.
The Structures

The Face on Mars

Note the extraordinary detail, including 'teeth' in the mouth and horizontal stripes on the 'head-dress' framing the face! This monument is some 2.5 km long, 2 km wide and 400 metres high!

The Face - Colour Enhanced

Images :

The City

A group of large pyramids to the West of the Face. Note the five columns/mounds in the exact centre of the city. Someone standing at this point and looking eastwards would have seen the sun rising over the Face during the summer solstice, showing that the buildings were built with specific celestial alignments in mind, once again confirming their artificiality. View a close-up of the city


One of the most unusual structures in the whole complex is a three walled enclosure which due to its shape, has been nicknamed "The Fort". Is it the foundation of a pyramid that was never completed or a collapsed pyramid? View a close-up of the "fort"

D & M Pyramid

The D & M Pyramid is an enormous five-sided structure. Note the buttresses at each corner, the two damaged sides on the right, and the "bottomless" crater. View a close-up of the D & M Pyramid

The Cliff & Crater

To the east of the Face there is a 3 km long cliff. Further east is a large crater with a three-sided pyramid (or tetrahedron) on the edge. Both structures are thought to be artificial. If they had been there before the meteor impacted to form the crater, they would have been damaged. Therefore, the objects were built after the crater was formed!
View a close-up of the Cliff & Crater

The Tholus

A few miles to the south of the cliff, a hill or mound known as the "Tholus" forms part of the Cydonia complex. What is so unusual about the Tholus is that it has a spiral ramp circling it like a path to the top. If a vertical line is drawn along the cliff to the top of the Tholus, and another line drawn from the top of the Tholus to the pyramid on the crater's edge, the angle thus formed is 19.5 degrees, an angle found repeatedly throughout the complex.

The Bowtie

There are other anomalies on Mars besides the structures at Cydonia. One of them, located in the Utopia region half way round the planet from Cydonia, is featured here and is known as the "Runway" and "Bow-tie". Is the "Runway" some form of magnetic accelerator? View a close-up of the "Runway" & "Bow-tie"
References & Acknowledgements
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